They Offered Their Son Willingly—To Bethelite Brothers

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    There is a friend for everyone in the corporation's clutches so just say 'fuck you' to higher education kid and be a nice obedient drone or else! Is part of the message too they want to give. I mean if you combine this with latter shun DF'd people at all cost videos and public assembly talks.

    I feel sorry for anyone who is just lapping up this bull shit propaganda indiscriminately to become even more mindless than they already are. Has got to be bad in so many ways as far wasted time and chasing elusive corporation inspired goals that will never come to fruition

    Yes I have to agree the GB are getting more hard core desperate and shaking out the ranks and keeping only the most gullible on their ride to financial ruin due delusional/denial based mismanagement.

  • Vidiot

    Oh, god, that title is just f**ked up on so many levels...

  • betterdaze
  • nmthinker

    I was a "fatherless boy" being raised by a single mom in the 90's. My mom and the elders handed me over to a married 50 year old man who ended up molesting me. It was considered a good thing that I was making friends with the older mature ones. Talk about brainless and the elders couldn't care less.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Yet another wonderful example of jehober "protecting" his loyal ones. 'Praise jah all you people'

    just saying!

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