JW.org Childrens Page: Expanding My Circle Of Friends

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  • pale.emperor


    Some things of note here, it looks to me that they're encouraging young ones to befriend older people and "people not like them". Could this be because many of the young ones are now leaving?

    Secondly, the worksheet encourages young ones to befriend people from different backgrounds. How hypocritical that they wont allow them to make real friends with kids in school from other religions/beliefs. There are perfectly decent people outside Watchtower that are not bad association.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Privately, it will be emphasized that this applies ONLY to other "strong in the faith" JWs. Elderly JWs. Bethelites from your (or nearby) Congs. Etc.

    Certainly NOT OUTSIDERS. And NOT others who are "different" -- different religions, different (worldly) dress, different (worldly) thinking, etc

  • just fine
    just fine

    Adults can help apply pressure and further indoctrinate children. This allows the child to feel pressure and guilt from more than just their family, further isolating them. It also takes away the chance that another youth could influence their peers in bad conduct. Not a good thing.......

  • OrphanCrow

    That is weird. Really weird.

    Encouraging children to "make friends" with adults? WTF is that?

    Adults are preferred friends for children? Children should be encouraged to socialize with age appropriate friends. Telling children to seek out adults to make friends with is just so wrong on so many levels.

    No wonder the JWs have a problem understanding what child abuse even is when they are told to encourage the kind of behavior that puts a child at risk.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Regarding the quotations, from Emily, et al.

    Do children really talk (write) like that? Better spoken (written) than many adults!

  • jp1692

    Strangely ironic from a cult that insists on extreme conformity.

    How can you meet people with "different backgrounds" when everyone is forced to believe the same things, dress the same, no visible tattoos, no beards for me, no stylish haircuts, no interests in "questionable" music or entertainment (whatever the hell that means), and definitely no different religious beliefs.

    And it's just bizarre that they would even put this in print:

    “Excluding people from your circle of friends could deprive you of rewarding relationships.”

    I can solve that in an instant. Abolish institutionalized, coerced shunning. Problem solved.

  • jp1692

    And what's with those weird, creepy cartoon characters "smiles"?

    It's just off.


    Trust WatchTower..

    To come up with something, that f*cking stupid..

  • betterdaze

    “Who wants to play with my shiny new toy after the meeting?”

  • betterdaze

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