Need advice ... I'm moving

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  • Vivamus

    LMAO Rayzor, excellent, thanx

    Ozzie, I can totally understand. My mum isn't too thrilled about the idea of me moving to the city ... I am checking out the appartment in a couple of hours, and I drove through the neighbourhood yesterday evening. It's not what I am used to living in, but it isn't that bad either. I will need veery safety precoution for the appartment, and I can rest assured that my car will not get prettier over time, when parking there. And I would have to loose the big frigging cross hanging from my rear window, cuz that is, as my boyfriend said "asking for trouble in an otherwise completely Islamic neigbourhood". But he said I'd be fine there, and he lives at walking distance .... And Ozzie, I'd love to meet up with you and Mrs. Ozzie again when you come to visit. Do make sure to let me know when you'll be here.

    Becky, thanx. I am indeed considering to get a big dog for safety. And I did get your PM. I'd love to meet up with ya, I just need to arrange a couple of things, cuz my family is planning a weekend away at the very same time.... So I can't tell ya yet exactly when I'd be able to come and have some drinks.


    Blue Bubblegum Girl

  • ozziepost


    I haven't forgotten the video! I'm just slow!!!


  • Country_Woman

    "My mum isn't too thrilled ".... that's very softly said.
    I am mordicus against moving to that part of the city.

    But as my information is correct, Viv has turned the apartment down (actual 4th flour and not an apartment but 'just' kitchen, toilet/bathroom and two rooms from which only 1 with a lock on the attic).
    Can't say how much relieved I am that she choosed the studio...

  • Sassy
    My mum isn't too thrilled about the idea of me moving to the city ...

    when I moved to the 'big city' a a few years ago.. my mom worried too.. she still does even though I am a big girl now..

    that is mom's.. I guess when we have kids moving far away or into areas unknown, we'll worry too..

  • Country_Woman

    Sassy, problem is: I know the area....

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