Need advice ... I'm moving

by Vivamus 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • Simon

    It's worth paying if it means your safer IMHO

    You can't put a price on your personal wellbeing.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    3rd floor and you like to occasionally party? Hmmm.

    Guest 77

  • shamus

    Maybe you should just quit school and go work at a petrol station, LOL!

    Seriously, though, I have no real good advice... just had to make my "annoying comment" of the day. You should consider it though... pumping gas for a living making next to nothing... sounds like my life some days.

  • SheilaM

    Viv: Sounds like the city would work out better for you.......but I would check out the are ask around at the grocery store etc

  • Vivamus

    Simon, thats true ..

    Yes, Guest, 3rd floor and I like to party. Lmao, no worries, I can can handle the stairs in any condition ... well ... except that time when ... erm ....

    Shamus, it has crossed my mind, lmao.

    Sheila, yeah, I'll do that.


    Blue Bublegum Girl


    Viv, darling.....

    Think of it....considering Canada's connection to the beloved Nederlands, why least think of it?


    It's not bad for a non-European nation, in fact it's pretty funky!

    You might like it, even the beavers, whiskey-jacks, raccoons, and crazy Canucks licking maple syrup toffee off of snow.

    Just a thought...nothing more....

  • Vivamus

    Rayzor! That's the best idea I've ever heard!

    Can you hook me up with a job, cool appartment, lots of parties and an University where I can finish my MA for history?


    Blue Bubblegum Girl


    Job: or

    Apartments/Living Accomodations:

    Universities: here are three:

    University of Toronto:

    York University:

    Ryerson University:

    There are a few good colleges here: George Brown, Humber, Seneca, Centennial to name a few.

    I hope that this helps.


  • ozziepost

    G'day Viv,

    It's always a stressful time when you have to move house so hope all goes well for you.

    As you know, I can picture the situation you're describing. You may remember my daughter faced a similar situation and Mrs Ozzie and I were very concerned about where she was living and our attitude was - we gotta get her outa there! It's cost us to do it but we consider it worth it knowing she's (reasonably) safe in a better area.

    You're too nice a person to be in an area like that. Mrs Ozzie always reckons that women have a certain instinct for danger - so go with your instincts. Maybe that's why you've posted your concerns in this thread?

    But wherever you are, hope to see you later this year, eh?

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • beckyboop

    Viv, Hmmmm, sounds like you have a tough decision. Living alone in a city like that could be tricky, but like others suggested, ask the locals of the area what it's REALLY like. There are many great places to live and friendly people even in areas like you described--it's just finding them. I lived in a really bad part of town in Iowa for 7 months--we could sit in our living room and watch the regular crack deals at the corner. However, I was with my boyfriend (about 250 lbs.) and his dog (about 130 lbs.), so I always felt rather safe. But I did walk places, sometimes without the dogs or him and was fine because I always treated anyone I encountered with friendliness. (maybe if you got a BIG dog?...;) Anyway, good luck with your decision. Hopefully you'll just KNOW what will be right for you and it will work out fine. BTW, did you get my PM? We are coming to Amsterdam at the end of March and would love to meet up with any ex-jw's there. Let me know if your schedule would permit it--good luck with your new home! Becky

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