Are you concious of your SPIRITUAL need? What are you eating?

by fearnotruth22 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • fearnotruth22

    "Happy are those concious of their spiritual need?" Do you still have a desire for spiritual things?

  • Xena

    Yes, but nowdays I tend to look inside myself for the answers rather than externally to others.

  • gumby
    Do you still have a desire for spiritual things?

    Big time!

    I want to know the answers behind the things that are a mystery.........such as life, and WHY it is here. I want to know if there is a spirit world. I want to know why I, and everyone and everything else exists.


  • Purple

    For now no. Had enough of spiritual things. Think I have spiritual indegestion! Is there such a thing??? Reckon there must be cause it makes me ill to think about god and all at the moment.

  • slenderdog

    Sometimes, but years of spiritual food poisoning has given me ulcers.

  • Undecided
    coming from the Father's mouth."

    I haven't heard a word yet. What language does he speak? I've heard a lot of words coming from different men but not one from the Father's mouth.

    Ken P.

  • Momofmany
    Do you still have a desire for spiritual things?

    Yes I do, but I feel like I am just spinning my own wheels.

  • gumby
    Do you still have a desire for spiritual things?
    Yes I do, but I feel like I am just spinning my own wheels.

    My wheels have been spinning on this matter since early boyhood. When there is no voices, whispers, or's hard to believe in spiritual things.........yet I still do. Gumby

  • JamesThomas

    As has been mentioned on this thread "spiritual" for some of us, implies inner transformation or discovery. It would seem that it would be easy to investigate into ourselves; I mean, after all, the laboratory is right here, right now. It can't be escaped.....or can it. Within consciousness there is -- in a sense -- a highly reflective, glass window upon which surface we are almost always focused. This reflective-movement is the intellectual mind and it's connected emotions that never seems to shut-up (except in deepest sleep) with it's chronic questions, commentary, judgments, beliefs, desires, fears and fantasies. Most of which is useless distraction, a running away or escape from the unknown silent depths within us. The mind is not a bad thing. It is it's nature to want to know. But it is not the true nature of the mind to be our Source of wisdom and identity; there is an infinitely greater Intelligence for that, of which the mind is but a tiny part. How many of us talk about spirituality, yet how few seem to actually take it seriously enough to take the time to sit alone and travel within our own consciousness, in sincere and earnest yearning to see past the glass? What is on the other side of that window? Do we really want to know? Are we willing to let go of everything on this side in order to walk through? The only actual Truth we are certain of is that there is conscious awareness. As far as all the rest -- we could be in a pod somewhere connected to a computerized matrix, the identity and life we seem to be living all a made-up facade. So what is stopping us from investigating deeper within that which reads these words even now? Nothing is closer. Nothing more mysterious.


  • Sargon

    I stopped worrying about things that i'll never get an answer to before I die. When people ask me those big questions like:

    How did we get here?

    How was the world created?

    I just shrug my shoulders. Why should I waste my limited time on this earth worrying about things that will not be decided in my lifetime. If i've adopted any form of siritualism or religion it would be called cantgivearatsassivism.

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