What Are Your Rights?

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  • Simon
    Lots of bigots and people who seem to follow the mentality of the WT even though they left it, on this blog

    As is typical with those who scream "bigot", you fail to point to any specific example, you just make insulting comments about people having a WT mentality. Always a sure sign of a strong argument (not).

  • poopie
    Think sharia law
  • OnTheWayOut
    I think interning the residents born to that hostile nation was a no-brainer,

    62% of them were U.S. citizens.
    I won't see eye-to-eye with you on that one, so we'll agree to disagree. But at least you got my point-

    " ...the rights are an illusion. If you ever really need them then you won't have them. You have them only because a government choses to abide by the rule to follow and grant them."

  • LostGeneration

    Rights flow from the individual, not from the government.

    You have as many rights as you grant yourself. Don't sit around waiting for some "group" or entity to empower you.

    You were born with rights, only religions and governments box you in, restrict you, make you think you "can't do this or that".

    Once all of humanity realizes rights flow from the bottom up, not from the top down, then things will get interesting!

  • snugglebunny

    This from Freeths, a UK firm of solicitors specialising in law regarding public houses:

    Right to refuse entry

    The age-old right of a licensee to refuse entry to whomever he wishes still remains and a landlord is not obliged to serve anyone just because they are willing to pay. A pub is a private place and the landlord can make the rules. HOWEVER, when deciding who to permit entry to or who to serve, a licensee must not make his judgement based on prejudice. Entry must not be refused unlawfully and equality legislation makes it unlawful to refuse entry on the grounds of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation and disability amongst other reasons.

  • blondie

    On a lighter note, I was thinking about this and I have:

    A right eye

    A right arm

    A right leg

    A right ear

    A right foot

    A right hand

    I'm sure I have forgotten some

  • poopie

    The question is should a relgion enjoy tax exempt status and at the same time inflict emotional torture on citzens of a country

  • blondie

    So what about Scientology, the shows on A&E have been very enlightening, not just WT. Take down WT then all are at jeopardy and then will join forces to keep the tax exempt status? Or what about the religions that are getting more involved in politics that calls into question their eligibility for tax exemption? This is a much larger problem than just the WTS. To focus only on the WTS could be ignoring the larger problem, at least in the US.

  • sparky1

    "You have the right to remain silent." - Miranda warning in the United States

    Some may want to consider that warning before they post here in order not to elicit replies that they find unpleasant , distasteful, or in direct opposition to their 'pet' ideas. That would include those who accuse others of bigotry, Nazism, and Watchtower 'cult' thinking.

  • Nevuela

    People aren't whining about having more rights these days. What's really happening is that A-holes are finally being held accountable for their BS, and anyone who complains is obviously one of those A-holes.

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