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  • Finkelstein

    I said previously .....

    The WTS's love is contained in lies, exploitation, manipulation, coercion and corruption.

    I forgot to add ignorance, superstition and fear.

    " Its Love brothers and sisters "

    Here's a picture of some JWS who experience first hand that so called love .

  • Tenacious

    What was it that sparked Satan's attempt at overthrowing God?

    Power. Worship. Exclusive devotion.

    He wanted supreme power, worship, and devotion from angels and humans to him and him alone.

    The governing body is no different.

    They want the same as Satan. So this paradise carrot keeps the members within the organization and the governing maggots power happy.

    In what sense? In the sense that a flick of a pen they can change the lives of some eight-million members around the world. Yielding that kind of power and control becomes intoxicating and dangerous.

  • nicolaou
    Power. Worship. Exclusive devotion.
    He wanted supreme power, worship, and devotion from angels and humans to him and him alone.

    You know what Tenacious, that sounds far more like Jehovah than Satan.

    The Governing Body don't want the same as the devil, they want the same as God.

  • Gorbatchov

    You can't blame them, the rank and file. They think doing a good thing. Those conventions are their highlights and makes them happy.

    Most of us did the same, when young.


  • slimboyfat
    However you feel about Watchtower in the past, isn’t it better if they cause less harm in future?
  • cofty
    However you feel about Watchtower in the past, isn’t it better if they cause less harm in future? - SBF

    There can be no honourable way forward for the cult until they admit to, apologise for, and make recompense for the damage they have done in their history. Just for a start...

    • Countless children raped and abused as a result of policies wilfully designed to protect pedophiles
    • Thousands of families destroyed by their shunning policies - in many cases leading to mental health issues and suicides
    • Millions of lives damaged by ridiculous apocalyptic prognostications

    Having done that they would have to change so many doctrines, so as to prevent further harm, there would be very little left.

    Some organisations do not deserve the opportunity to reinvent themselves. It would be far better if the cult just went out of existence.

  • slimboyfat
    So you wouldn’t even want an end to Watchtower shunning unless it included a full acknowledgment and apology for past actions? That seems like making the perfect the enemy of the good. If Watchtower saving some face is the price to pay for ending shunning it seems a good deal. Or are you more interested in vengeance than preventing harm?
  • cofty

    The Watchtower is beyond the pale. The only way it will cease to do harm is for it to cease to exist.

    You don't believe there is any such thing as truth or falsehood or even a simple fact so it's hard for you to grasp that not everything is relatively okay.

    Try thinking about the KKK. Should it be reformed or does its long history of hate, racism and murder mean that nothing short of its total demise would be a morally defensible outcome?

    Right-wrong-true-false, I know these are difficult concepts for you.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Why is this picture of children enjoying themselves so very sad?

    For the children it just seems like having the attention of others and fun with friends at the same time—what could be better?

    Their parents are taking pride in the fact that their offspring are happily doing something in furthering the work of the JW organisation. This is exactly the sort of image the JW org would want to promote. Innocent JW children having innocent fun.

    What are the beliefs of the JW organisation? What beliefs are they fostering in these childrens minds? Is it to grow up as balanced, educated, well adjusted, mentally strong, useful, fulfilled citizens?

    No, it is far removed from that. The JW organisation without sound basis, claims that very soon (very soon for the last one hundred and forty years mind you!) that God will execute man woman and child, all those who do not respond positively to the teachings of the Watchtower and become a whole-hearted participant in its organisation.

    The children of Jehovah’s Witnesses are discouraged from higher education and from seeking a lucrative job to support a family. They are discouraged from ever investigating anything unless it is found in the writings of the organisation. The JW religion categorically stamps on personal development and private ambition and those who do manage to extricate themselves from the clutches of this cult often, if not usually, find themselves quite unprepared for real life outside the cult, having low self esteem and a limited education therefore being fit only for menial work.

    The happy children in this picture, if they don’t escape the religion, because of the fearful and paranoid stance required, they will have unnatural mental and social pressures heaped upon them. If they remain in the JW congregation, there they will have to give up their free will, they will only be judged on how well they conform to the edicts of the governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. If they stay long enough-- they will have their whole lives stolen from them.

    Sorry to say but this picture is JW propaganda, wrong information, one sided and deceptive.

  • blankspace

    Er.... That colorful banner looks like its part of a pride parade. Just saying.

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