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  • nicolaou

    Do these 'good' religions still indoctrinate teach children that we are a created rather than evolved species? Do they still insist that there is a divinely mandated punishment/reward system children need to be aware of?

  • Vidiot

    LV101 is right, the WTS is "too far gone".

    If they implemented progressive reform at this point, they would arguably no longer be "Jehovah's Witnesses".

  • LV101

    Slim - Not a chance. They can't stop shunning or would not have a religion (or adherents paying for their real estate/propaganda biz) in the digital world.

  • punkofnice

    The same old regurgitated crap as it was from when I was a nipper in the Jobos.

    Every bloody stupid religion seems to say, 'hey, the end will be in out lifetime!'

    These religiotarded tossers have been doing this from ever since!


  • ThomasCovenant

    SBF..''Sometimes I get the impression you wouldn’t like JWs to become better! No religion is all good or bad, but JWs certainly have a lot of room for improvement.''

    I don't want JW's to become a 'better' religion. I want them, along with every other religion, to cease to exist.

    ''No religion is all good or bad.'' I believe all religion is all bad.

  • johnamos

    quote - Well JWs need to stop shunning, that’s first priority. - end quote

    Why should they have to stop? What needs to happen is ones that would be shunned need to toughen up and stop crying about being shunned! If JW's have the willingness to stop talking to the ones that they would shun, then the ones that would be shunned should be willing to stop talking to JW's that would shun them. Imagine if all the PIMO week cry babies that stay in because they don't won't to lose contact with the very ones that would turn their back on them in a second, imagine what a impact it would have on the congregations (WTS) if all PIMO ones spoke up and walked out. Stop being PIMO and instead be POMO. JW's are fond of saying that sometimes when you feel like missing a meeting or stopping all together that when they go to the meetings and see the ones that are there that it encourages you to continue. So PIMO ones are actually aiding in keeping JW's in. If PIMO ones left regardless of shunning, they would encourage many to leave.

  • Finkelstein

    If Love Never Fails why do JWS throw their children to the curb and wont talk to them if they dont say yes to the lying, corrupt and fear mongering Watchtower Corporation/JWorg ?

    Is that real and honest truthful love offered to the general public in the vein of Christian moral values ?

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Give up on the life today that you can see, build, achieve, fulfill for a future life that you cant see, cant fulfill, cant achieve cant build.




  • Finkelstein

    The WTS's love is contained in lies, exploitation, manipulation, coercion and corruption.

    That doesn't sound like expressive love to me especially when you see and witness JWS committing suicide or people using the organization to cover themselves with a pretentious sheet of righteousness to hide their irresponsible evils.... ie. Pedophilia

  • cofty
    No religion is all good or bad ... I like this book about good and bad religion ...Spoiler: the book argues that “good” religions promote education, connections between people rather than barriers, openness to new ideas, empathy for others, among other characteristics - SBF

    I actually posted a couple of threads about this topic two years ago.

    Was/Is Religion Useful Even if it isn't True?

    Dawkins v Haidt on Evolutionary Advantage of Religion

    In contrast with Dawkins, Jonathan Haidt has interesting things to say about this.

    Sometimes I get the impression you wouldn’t like JWs to become better!

    You're right I don't favour that outcome. I think that the cult is so thoroughly rotten it would be better if it continued to move towards ever more extreme positions until it becomes as ridiculous as Westboro. I want to see it destroyed by its own cruelty.

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