Quick hello and recent baby pic.

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  • Darkknight757

    We have a few baby carriers and do a lot of skin to skin with her. My wife is stay at home and she carries her around while doing things as well as when we go around town. She even uses the carrier to feed on the go! Very convenient since she is feeding every three hours with the exception of night time. She’s been sleeping a solid 10 hours through the night and just started her on a good two hour nap in the afternoon.

  • humbled

    It seemed that you would know these things. And so you do! I just had to ask.

    Things will go well . She will thrive.

    This has been such a long hard go for you all. But that skin to skin—there is nothing like it. Everything becomes s comfort-even the smells.( One of my kids talked about it .. )

    Take care.


  • Diogenesister
    DarkKnightThe only issue she is having is failure to thrive. She’s a slow gainer even with all the feeds and extra bottles we give her. She’s a very happy baby though. Such a joy to have in our life!

    My boys came early because one had stopped growing in the womb. Stopped thriving too, if you will.

    The baby carrier and skin to skin is perfect. But May I just add one thing?

    My icu nurse's own baby boy failed to thrive, tiny thing he looked in her photo. Then in comes a strapping 6 foot 2 Ambulance /first responder with his bike Helmut under arm....you guessed...it was the " failure to thrive"baby!!! It will all seem a worrisome dream, as joyous as she is, one day. She looks just fine to me...all babies are different and grow at different rates. They are starting to let go of these " labels" and centile points/ percentages for babies development milestones, good thing too!!

  • Darkknight757

    I appreciate that because we feel like bad parents every time we see our NICU docs. They make us feel like we are not doing enough and we are seriously doing everything they are telling us and then some! And this baby despite all the pain and trouble she had early on is the happiest baby I have ever seen. She gets sooo much love from her Mom and Dad and everyone else for that matter.

    She also qualified for a program called “Early On” so she is getting physical therapy once a week and occupational therapy at home twice a month. There is also a teacher who comes by once a month to asses and play with her a bit.

    I know one day she will catch up in weight. I mean she was one pound three ounces when she was born and now she’s over nine pounds. That’s friggin amazing in itself.

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