Quick hello and recent baby pic.

by Darkknight757 23 Replies latest jw experiences

  • ttdtt

    WONDERFUL!!!!! All the best, enjoy!

  • Diogenesister

    HaHaHa🎉🎉 "America always leads the way LoL"🎊🎊

    My twin boys were NiCU babies too!! We didn't have graduations...much less those crazy graduation caps!! I thought you or your wife's family were some sort of Orthodox religion with a cap like that !

    Daughter is gorgeous, though💕💕. How many pounds was she at birth, she looks mighty small at graduation. ours were let out at around 4 1/2 pounds provided no other complications, of COURSE.

    My twins were 2 1/2 pounds and 3 1/2 pounds at birth.

  • Xanthippe

    You and your wife have been through so much! I'm so pleased for you now with your healthy daughter 🎈🎉👍🌺

  • sparrowdown

    So happy for you all! Thanks for the update.

  • humbled

    I found the back story, Darkknight.

    So l join your crowd of well-wishers: after so much heartbreak so happy this day has come for you& wife & Izabella . Hurrah for love and joy and new life!

  • Darkknight757

    Thanks for the good wishes! She was just over 4 pounds at the time we took her home. She was there for 78 days. Actually she went home two full weeks before her “due date”!! Now she is a bit over 9 pounds. The only issue she is having is failure to thrive. She’s a slow gainer even with all the feeds and extra bottles we give her. She’s a very happy baby though. Such a joy to have in our life!

  • longgone

    She's so cute!!💕

  • zeb

    pic didn't come through but congratulations on your wee one.

  • millie210

    Shes a beauty and thank you for sharing the pictures!

  • humbled

    Darkknight: if you don’t mind me asking about the failure to thrive— have you had people recommend to you using a carry cloth? Of course there are a lot of things that are available to tie a baby on to yourself but I always had a simple light length of Cotton cloth which l used for five of my children. It was incredibly versatile. There was a lot of work that I had to do everywhere -inside and out of the house. And the babies did extraordinarily well in this arrangement. They have constant contact with your body and you with theirs. Forgive me if you already know about this real boon to baby’s security and your own freedom.. l just had to mention it.

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