Will the Watchtower Company in the near future start asking for a tithe?

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  • NewYork44M

    There is no way tithing will be successful. Most of the R&F have no intention of contributing. This is a critical flaw of their strategy to not allow education.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Personally, I agree with others & think they have tithing already, they have just disguised them as "monthly contributions"

  • mikeflood

    Tithing is such a terrible idea, it would be great, charity dances for the worldwide preaching fund or...why not? Bingos for the local needs!. Just kidding. Ideas for GB 4.0

  • tor1500


    I haven't read all comments. The question is:"Will the Watchtower Company in the near future start asking for a tithe? They are asking for it now...except it's not called Tithe, it's called donation, inheritance, allowance, ice cream money...aka: Asking for money...They don't call it Tithe because they don't want to be associated with other religions.

    The only thing that the org. may adjust is Jesus....now we are reading Jesus is the way....I think they are getting many letters from readers that shows Jesus is the way...Jehovah is God but it was his son that died for us(if you believe)...So stay tuned for that...

    They try to guilt us into giving money, especially the videos...tugging at our heart strings, just like the United Way used to do years ago...come to the jobs, show a sob story film that moves your heart the next thing you know you are donating x amount of money from each check. When the tears dry up you wonder..."What did I do"?


    Every meeting is asking for money but it's the way they ask....smooth as silk...

  • sparrowdown

    Tithe is a regularly sent set amount and yes the congregations are already doing that except the amount varies to some degree.

    I can see them making an arrangement for pubs pledging to do the same. Sent automatically through their bank accounts a set amount depending on what they could afford.

    Yep, people pay their bills like this all the time and their donations to charities. Why not to the borg in leu (have I spelt that right?) of charites?

    I could see it becoming a "not a tithe" thing.

  • nonjwspouse

    I see tithe repackaged as a monetary membership in jw.org. necessary for accessing all the materials, especially the "unique, important, newest light" ones.

    Monthly payments/donations that will further the WWW of course, and help get materials to those in countries without access. . ;-)

    This, on top of convention money grabs. It's tithing by another name.

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