Will the Watchtower Company in the near future start asking for a tithe?

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  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    It always amazes me how many interesting discussions we have on this site. We can disagree with each other or firmly agree. Doing these things are impossible in the Borg.

  • sir82

    I agree that fence-sitters, inactive JWs, and those who just simply don't want to be involved wouldn't sign up on the website.

    But the "true believers" - they can't wait to demonstrate how utterly subservient and "submissive" they are.

    If "mother" tells JWs that they need to be on JW.borg and contributing regularly to achieve / maintain their "privilege of service" - there are millions who would do so within (literally) 5 minutes of getting such notice.

    Think of all the petty, insignificant, pathetic men who have nothing - utterly nothing - going on in their lives other than the fact they have a modicum of authority as an elder. These are the ones who literally weep and enter long-term depression if they are forced out of their role as elder.

    The WTS knows this as well - if their financial situation requires it, I have little doubt they would institute such a "pay to play" scheme - sign up for automatic donations on JW.borg in order to remain and elder / pioneer / whatever.

  • steve2

    Jehovah sees everything and is sad when you do not dig deep into your pocket or forgo anicecream....credit cards gladly accepted...

    But from a human perspective:

    If the current approaches and blatant requests for money do not work, perhaps the GB will think about ways to (effectively) turn up the heat which may include some form of tithing.

    But, the great unknown question - although subject to endless speculation on this and other forums - is how solvent the organization is. I cannot imagine the GB remaining silent whilst the money evaporates.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Will the WT Company start asking for tithes in the near future? Damn right they'll try!

    WT has fixed monster-like overhead costs that will only go one way...UP! How will they meet these huge expenses? WT has no other form of revenue. They can sell off only so many Kingdom Halls. WT has already levied each congregation with a monthly tariff. Who or what's next?...the brain-dead rank and file JW member via tithe.

    But will the WTBTS succeed in getting a tithe from the uneducated and low salary JW rank and file?...Naught!

  • nowwhat?

    If you want to be an elder or ministerial servant you have to set the example to the flock by donating at least 10% of their income. Publishers that want prevelages like holding the microphones must donate at least 6% . the governing body. Will have. A loving provision that will allow elderly infirm to donate only 1.5% of their social security income also known as the 1.5 donater! See we arnt like Christendom that demands 10% from everybody!

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    I can see the Gang of Eight Bobbleheads rubbing their hands together just planning on the best way to get the tithing going. Maybe a special Saturday video cast meeting with no announced theme to build up some high expectations. (JDubs just love the word "special") Many Witlesses will, of course, want to believe that this is it...at last an end of the world update.

    Then have Lett make some of his clown faces and talk about how Jehovah is speeding up the work and is giving the Gibbering Booty instructions on the need for more videos and the need for the latest high tech equipment. As a final push, we need to build more studios. Brothers, we need your help. If we don't don't do Jehovah's will, he will make the stones cry out. Jehovah for several years has been laying on our hearts the need for you dear brothers and even the "yung wans" to return to how God's chosen people in Bible times showed just how much they loved him by offering Him a tithe. Only giving HIm 10% of what was rightfully all HIs. We have been taking many steps to avoid this to not overburden the brothers like consolidating congregations and reducing our worldwide branches. The time has come for us to imitate the faithful men of old as the end of this old system is now in sight.

  • FedUpJW

    After this paragraph in last Sundsy's WT I would not be surprised if they start mandating a "tithe", although they will not call it that. They may phrase it as a regular monthly "voluntary" offering via direct debit from your funding account of choice.

    "Jehovah’s people gave financial support to those taking the lead in the work...the Israelites gave them a tithe, or a tenth part, that allowed the Levites to focus on their work at the tabernacle. Similarly, Jesus and his
    apostles later benefited from the generosity of the women “who were ministering to them..."

    Sounds like a tithing arrangement to me, and I notice it is directed at how Jehovah's people giving to the leaders. (that today would be the governing body, circuit overseers, elders etc. I am sure.)

  • sparrowdown

    Of course they will.

    One thing is for sure it will NOT be called a tithe.

    It will be the new Theocratic Praise Jah With Regularity Automatic Debit Program or some such Borgelian double speak. Accompanied by a video on the website called "We do not 'tithe'."

  • FedUpJW

    child molestation lawsuits

    That must be "fake news"...remember one of the g.b. said those are just Satanic lies from "apostates". LOL

  • TD

    What do you think?

    The average JW just doesn't have that kind of money, as in there's very little left after food, rent, etc.

    Perhaps if they hadn't discouraged college for so long, they would have a more affluent membership to rely on.

    Even were this not the case, religions where tithing actually works all give something back in one way or another. (e.g. Beautiful buildings, choirs, social programs, business connections, etc.)

    The JW parent organizations give nothing back and that's already a problem as it goes against basic human nature to give something for nothing. --One of the reasons why JW's are so stingy with their donations already.

    The idea that this can be overcome by organizational decree seems to be popular here, but I'm skeptical...

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