Will the Watchtower Company in the near future start asking for a tithe?

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  • Moster

    Bring in tithing - new light.

    Higher Education allowed - new light.

    = Bring in higher $$$ from tithing based on higher education.

    There is time to get a higher education before 2075 isn't there?

  • Spiral

    What do you think?

    The average JW just doesn't have that kind of money, as in there's very little left after food, rent, etc.

    Perhaps if they hadn't discouraged college for so long, they would have a more affluent membership to rely on.

    Even were this not the case, religions where tithing actually works all give something back in one way or another. (e.g. Beautiful buildings, choirs, social programs, business connections, etc.)

    The JW parent organizations give nothing back and that's already a problem as it goes against basic human nature to give something for nothing. --One of the reasons why JW's are so stingy with their donations already.

    The idea that this can be overcome by organizational decree seems to be popular here, but I'm skeptical..

    I agree, and therein lies the big problem. Membership in the Mormon Church is expensive, but you have educational opportunities. The bOrg is still demonizing higher education, but where will the money come from?

    The bOrg gives NOTHING of value back to the drones. I am hoping the drones decide they have no more to give.

  • TD

    Membership in the Mormon Church is expensive, but you have educational opportunities.

    Yes. A real university.

    ---And business connections, LDS only business directories, youth programs, recreational centers and so on. Hell, the LDS church has actually rented the Anaheim Disneyland for the use of its members a time or two.

  • FedUpJW

    they will be selling pardons before you know it.

    In a sense they already do that. As I was told by a Hoppity Spit appointed eldurr, "don't get married, just hire a hooker and then after you have had sex with her tell the elders you are sorry and write a big check to the congregation!"

    That jerk bought his way into the eldurr club after numerous affairs, drunken bouts and car crashes, embezzlement, and fraud. But hey, he gave a lot to the congregation so it was all good!

  • respectful_observer
    Morpheus that is a good point. JDubs don't need to pass the plate they just pass another resolution.

    My thoughts exactly.

    They'll eventually (in the next 5 years, is my guess) institute "tithing-lite" at the congregation level. First phase will be the COs telling the elder body that it's important that the congregation contribute a minimum per publisher amount each month so the Branch knows how to anticipate cash flow for expenses, etc., because our God is a god of order. Then the whole arrangement will be formalized through letters and each congregation will adopt a resolution agreeing to commit to a monthly congregation donation of at least "$X" per publisher. The letter will reference how we "already do this" for annual donations to the self-insurance program, CO expenses, etc. ("See publishers? Nothing has really changed!")

    The amount per published expected will be calculated and dictated suggested by the Branch (similar to what they already do for Circuit Assembly expenses ("See elders? Nothing has really changed!"). Each congregation will adopt the dictated suggested amount by resolution, and the COs will track that metric on all visits moving forward.

    Done and dusted.

  • LongHairGal


    Your guess is probably right and I would not be surprised if something similar plays out pretty much like you said.

    As other posters have said though, other religions that tithe (like the Mormons) at least offer substantial benefits to their members - education and financial security being one of them. Now, contrast that with what the JWs offer their members...not a damn thing. Absolutely zero.

    To add insult to injury, the Witness religion criticize and shun their members who have education and careers. While many JWs so criticized have wised up and left years ago (like I did), what about others? I wonder how receptive these remaining criticized Witnesses would be to something so nervy and blatantly hypocritical?

    It might prove to be the last straw to many JWs, IMO.

  • smiddy3

    It wouldn`t surprise me in the least though I don` t think they would call it a tithe they will come up with some other doozy name for it.

    JW`s/GB have always criticized Christendom about how they collect money only to follow suit later on down the track.

    Never will they ask or beg for money ,how is that going today ?

    Never will they put in a system where you can use your credit card ,how is that going today ?

    Cancelling all KH loans Yea went up the cry only to be told that each congregation can now donate that same amount indefinitely .

    Not to mention the other gifts to the Society in wills , deceased estates , etc ,etc,.

    Oh did I mention videos designed for children asking them to donate their ice cream money /pocket money towards the kingdom work ?

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    No tithe. The org's wolves will just remind the sheep of the Bible "principle" of the widow's two small coins - to give as much as you can.

    Congregations will then be informed that the "faithful slave" is introducing a new & more efficient method of collecting donations which will conserve valuable funds - donate regularly via bank transfer.

    Now every JW can be "encouraged" to donate, because the wolves in the KH can now monitor the "sacrifices" of each individual - just as they presently do with the Monthly Reports.

  • Drearyweather

    The topic was discussed 10 years ago:


    And we will discuss it 10 years from now. Let's see when it happens.

  • snugglebunny

    ..and of course continuing to pay one's tithing dues after being disfellowshipped would go a long way towards demonstrating sincere repentance.

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