Jehovah Misses Me

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  • Xanthippe
    Jehovah misses me

    Poor thing, doesn't he have any friends. He's a jealous God that's the problem, can't stand any competition, makes him lonely.

  • pale.emperor

    Jehovah's misses you. You must have one hell of a personality, and a schedule so busy that even the creator of the universe cant get a look in.

    I doubt very much he'd miss me. Not after all that black pudding I've been eating.

  • scratchme1010
    I am here...on the earth...still praying and still believing in God...but because I don't turn up at a hall twice a week, God doesn't see me. It's only now that I am out I see how utterly absurd some of the things they say are.

    I think that that's what really matters, your own spirituality and your own relationship with your God. No one is authorized to mess and intervene with that without your permission.

    The rest is just more of their own nonsense.

  • TTATT_Paladin

    The Jehovah I know doesn't condone covering for child molesters, among other things.

  • Sliced


  • steve2

    Apparently, having the angels encircling his throne, shouting "Holy, holy, holy" is not enough. I think Jehovah has abandonment issues.

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    Phoebe , It is cult manipulation at its finest. I got heartfelt cards from sweet little JW children. It sickened me that their parents would use them that way.


  • Giordano

    Jehovah misses you.............. that's what you say to the owner of the pet you are caring for when the owner is away.

    The way it looked and felt to me after a time was that the WTBTS turned their almighty God Jehovah into a backyard god. A pet, that needed a lot of loving. Perpetually needing more attention, grooming, petting and even a bit petulant if it doesn't get the proper level of attention.

    We had a great dog who would shake his butt off when we got back from a long trip. On second thought he'd shake his butt off if we were away for just an hour.

    We'd take him out in the back yard and play fetch. And as long as we kept it up he'd be happy and when we left him alone he'd look sad even started sighing as if a great injustice had taken place.

    If we lost our keys we'd take him out to a likely place and sure enough we'd find whatever went missing. It always felt like he had helped. I do believe that dog felt that way too. Always....... expectant.

    The dog we had was demanding........ but for the longest time worth it because of the joy we felt and because it was a good watchdog and we went to sleep at night knowing he would sound the alarm and protect us.

    Like the WT God ........eventually his hearing got worse and he didn't answer our calls, he got more and more feeble like the Society did.

    Then he started to crap in our house just as the WT started to do the same. Finally he died in his sleep of natural causes.

    That dog was so much a part of our lives that we never got a new dog. How could we find a dog that good?

    Just like a lot of us here on this forum who had a decent/good time in the JW world............ then for various reasons needed to get away. After leaving the so called 'truth' for any number of reasons we no longer needed or wanted another religion.

    I'd rather have that dog back... well and healthy...... then the myth of a paradise earth.

  • steve2

    Giordano, nice post and quite touching - I identify with it as someone who loves dogs. BTW, dog is God spelt backwards.

  • Spiral

    Ah, yes, Jehovah misses you because it's harder to jerk your chain or watch you twist in the wind emotionally if you're elsewhere, and happy.

    @Giordano, I agree. The JWs have turned their God into some sort of Good Luck Charm crossed with an idol in a temple. If he's not happy, you just keep throwing stuff (or your children, or your happiness) at him until he sweetens up.

    I was told something similar to this a couple of years ago, by a "spiritual sister" who saw me at the grocery store. Oh, so righteous. Happiness can only be found at the KH. Or..... is it that prescription drug habit that's keeping you happy? Just sayin'.

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