Jehovah Misses Me

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  • Phoebe

    Made the mistake of opening the front door today...I was expecting someone to service our central heating...oh dear, it was a sister instead :(

    She tells me Jehovah misses me. It seems God only sees me if I go to the meetings. I am here...on the earth...still praying and still believing in God...but because I don't turn up at a hall twice a week, God doesn't see me. It's only now that I am out I see how utterly absurd some of the things they say are.

    I happened to ask her about the new data protection requirements. She said yes, they all had forms and would be filling them in. I told her they could no longer makes notes about householders in the ministry without consent, to which she said the 'brothers, would find a way around that.'

  • _Morpheus
    Jehovah misses me....

    its ok, he will aim more carefully next time

  • Finkelstein

    Take it as something heartfelt and meaningful, believe it or not some JWS miss seeing people they've made friends with at Kingdom Halls too, its not just about the religion, also keep in mind that JWS are regulated to only associate with other JWS puts more emphasis to why JWS want to see their past associations.

  • Alex Bogdanov
    Alex Bogdanov
    Some JW think it is a big achievement to bring some one back to the organisation. Its like they think they are doing a favour to God 😂
  • sinboi


    It seems like you have just faded and not completely d/a from them.

    But the moment you d/a from them, Jehovah won't miss you anymore...

    Jehovah is waiting to toast you at the big A..

  • Phoebe


    So true.


    No one misses me at that congregation. They pretty much made my life a misery. No one spoke to me. No one cared. I came home from most meetings in tears. Why care now?

    It was just her reasoning 'Jehovah misses me' that I was nothing to God unless I attended the meetings. He couldn't even see me. It sounds so ridiculous.

  • _Morpheus

    Its so true. The only time i ever hear most of them say they miss me is when they need a favor or they miss me giving a talk (entertaining them)

  • Onager

    "Jehovah misses you."

    "Jehovah is god right?"


    "Well, god knows everything, so he knows my mobile number and if he misses me so much he can call me."

  • sparky1

    "She tells me Jehovah misses me............"

    How in the flying [email protected] does she know? Did he tell her directly? Jehovah's Witnesses in the majority are delusional, self-satisfied and just plain living in a fantasy world! A few years ago I received a shepherding call from 2 Elders. They told me that the reason they were there was to tell me 'that the Governing Body' loves me. It is amazing to me how often Jehovah's Witnesses talk about love and how rarely they practice it.

  • punkofnice
    Feebs - She tells me Jehovah misses me.

    How does she know? Voices in her head?

    This kind of attempt at guilting you back is rather sickening. The thing is, they don't even realise it's cult propagandidst manipulation themselves.

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