Update on U.S. Local Design/Construction Arrangement—November 2016

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  • wifibandit

    Update on U.S. Local Design/Construction Arrangement—November 2016 video will be considered the week of November 7, 2016

    English and Spanish

  • FedUpJW

    We need over 1,200 new kingdum halls over the next five years. SEND US YOUR $$$$$$!!!!!!

    Now nearly three years later only a paltry 54 have been built and we only need dozens more.

    Give $$$$$

    Work for free!

    We need people with degrees, but don't YOU dare go to college!

    I wonder if ANYONE will see the lunacy of what is going on??

    Naw, I doubt it.

  • ToesUp

    Isn't interesting that financial support was mentioned several times. Even mentioned before prayer. What a load of crap. In the corporate world they don't sell off assets, consolidate and lay off unless they are struggling financially.

  • Crazyguy

    It's no longer about the preaching work it's now the building work. Suckers!!!!

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Even if I had remained in, I would've asked: Alright, so we sell properties and build some new. Why not use the profits of the sales to build the new ones and leave the brothers and sisters to the preaching work?

    Seriously, this appears to be OBVIOUS to me. Those who are in are purposefully closing their eyes on this.

  • JWdaughter

    You'd think before they made the statement about thousands of new halls that they would have done the study that LATER told them that they just needed to re-arrange halls. Good thing that they are instituting new programs to further maintain their primary mission-Income property..

  • smiddy

    Sooner or later ( hopefully sooner ) it will come out that someone is siphoning off money from the organisation for their own personal gain.

    Its wouldnt be the first time trusted Elders have used societys money to further their own greed.

    As Steph. L. rightly asks why not use the profits of the sales of their real estate to build new ones and leave the Bros & sist.to do the preaching work ? Isnt that what their supposed to be focused on ? the preaching work ?

  • stavro

    The only reason they have the option of consolidating congregations into fewer kingdom halls is because the halls are half empty. They must have given up on their hope of filling halls to capacity through the preaching work.

  • SadElder

    more money, more money, more money

    Everything they do these days pleads for money. Yet the rank and file remains blind to the whole lot of them.

  • shadow

    3 years to build 54 halls? And spin that as progress? Wow

    Their manner of speaking is totally unnatural. Creeps me out. I'd rather watch actual robots.

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