What can the leadership at Watchtower do to turn things around?

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  • notsurewheretogo

    Sell everything and give the money to all those who have suffered child abuse and shunning at the hands of dubs...

  • freddo

    They have no need to turn things around. They will all be dead or dribbling within 20 years. Plenty of lolly and income for them, legal dept, accounts dept and a dozen "helpers" and hangers-on to run the show from Warwick.

    Just keep reducing the branches and committees as and when. Ditto travelling overseers.

    Just shout "the love of the greater number is cooling off", sell KH's as needed, keep begging for cash and highlighting "relief works" to get it.

    The gullible widows with their property from their unbelieving mates will keep them afloat as they send 1% in disaster relief and crow about it.

    Then 10% to JWTV Channel, 10% to running the enforcers (Travelling Overseers), 10% to the cash cows (On line donations, Assembly Halls and property), 20% to Child abuse settlements and the rest to Lakeside central!

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    HiddlesWifean hour agoan hour ago

    Let's not forget the blood ban. If they would "shed new light with some scripture proof as support (so-called)", then this may just to a certain degree "save their hides" so to speak. Unfortunately, this does not and would not bring back to life the other thousands to millions of Dubs and their children who became sacrificial lambs for this heinous doctrine!

    Aaah....I think you added a few too many 000 there.....hundreds maybe.

  • joe134cd

    I think it's a bit to late now to do a reversal on shunning and blood. Could you imagine the upset people that would cause. While I was awakening I was also working with a JW. He had a medical condition that could of been fixed with an operation, but would possibly of required blood. He refused the operation because of it. I remember tossing up at the time weather I should tell him about the blood fractions or organ transplants. I opted not to, as he was PIMI. Sadly his medical condition killed him in his late 40s. Left behind a widow with a couple of children. To this day I regret never having said anything. Could you imagine the trauma and upset people this would cause if they had new light on blood.


    Joho!! LOL!!!

    My two cents:

    1) They are insane. Therefore, they will continue to try the same methods and wonder why they aren't working.

    2) They are just plain evil, and will wait until all the old Dubs die off, and make some MAJOR changes.

    For me, there's nothing they could do to get me back. I'm a Taoist/Pagan/Philosopher/Martial Artist. They have absolutely nothing that I need, or want. Their world view is laughable and sad.

    It would be great if they would reform the religion, allowing Higher Education, require mandatory background checks, and have complete and total financial transparency, allow interfaith marriage, blood transfusions, etc..

    Of course that would mean that they are just another modern Xian sect..... So....

    Let's Review: IT'S A CULT!!!!


  • _Morpheus

    I think the thread is getting a little lost... the question wasnt “what WILL they do” the question was what CAN they do.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I would never recommend the GB take any action as they are beyond the pale of human decency to begin with. Why try to improve an organisation which uses social torture, religious threats and emotional abuse to get its own way? It should be shut down not encouraged.

    The leaders of the JW organisation are only out for themselves!

    When have they ever seriously considered the genuine, heartfelt welfare of anyone? The best they can do for someone afflicted by the errors of the organisation is to resort to reading a scripture to them. Cheap, unfeeling and pathetic for a multi billion Dollar corporation.

    The JW org is a disgraceful and fraudulent purveyor of false hope which stamps on individual development, it endorses a slave mentality and produces an army of depressed followers with no ambition and low self esteem.

    The irony is that the only thing which gives them the sense of authority are the things which hurt their flock the most; especially shunning of family members, responding to the life or death decree to not take a blood transfusion, to not have higher education and therefore to suffer low grade employment and a dependant attitude.

    These requirements are the tools of GB power-- to relinquish these demands would be to lose control. It is a sick religion.


    Well, they can continue to conduct themselves in an Orwellian manner, until the religion is completely rebranded and nearly unrecognizable to the now, born-in Dubs.


  • LoveUniHateExams

    It would take intelligence and sound leadership to turn things around for the WTS.

    Where would it come from?

    I don't think any of the current GB members have got what it takes.

  • sparrowdown

    What can WT leadership do...?

    They are already doing it and have been beavering away at it under our noses for the past...oh I don't know, I'd say ten years possibly more. Future-proofing or in this case with WT - future-faking.

    It takes time and planning to rebrand and turn a giant cult in different direction and that direction is jwdotborg.

    The direction may be clear the destination... not so clear.

    To turn things around if I were them I would :

    Rebrand and embrace technology.

    Stem the flow money going out, at the end of an nverted U curve it's only making thing worse to keep pouring money into any side of the business that is not performing.

    Take possession of all monies and properties

    Sell sell sell superflous properties, equipment, business etc etc

    Reduce printing and associated costs.

    Prune middle management, in-house volunteers, stipend pioneers any programs that imply liablility.

    Limit opportunity for liability suits by cutting meetings in private homes etc.

    Remove weakest links: Reduce the need for "teachers" by providing video meetings. Elders basically become glorified ushers, tech guys for the equipment and security guards.

    Continue with the mantra "listen obey or else" and "loyalty, loyalty, loyalty" "the end is close" and who can forget "donate donate donate" during the transition phase.

    Introduce new mantra "exciting and new changes are now taking place and needs your money regularly and praise Jehovah he created direct debit/automatic payment etc for that very purpose so you don't forget and can easily be incorporated into a monthly budget."

    Expand:JW Movies JW Broadcasting and JWMusic.

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