What can the leadership at Watchtower do to turn things around?

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  • _Morpheus
    What pbrow said. I dont feel like typing it all out but basically “it becomes every other religion” covers it. I won't believe the bullshit but i wont have too.
  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Ban family planning!


  • just fine
    just fine

    From a business standpoint they need to do a root cause analysis for the decline in the affluent nations. The 3rd world countries are a "product line" that is losing money. Concentrate on the affluent nations and rebrand as a regular religion that isn't trying to control everyone's lives. Loosen restrictions on disfellowshipping, holidays, nonsense of spying on members, and they would be ok. But the huge egos involved in the GB will never allow that to happen.

    Also they think the magic guy in the sky is going to save them, delusion has never saved a business enterprise.

  • pbrow

    wake me up... that is a sobering picture

    Almost unbelievable. It is a testament to the importance of never losing your skeptical thinking abilities.

    Fuck... that is a horrible picture.


  • Gayle

    To stop the shunning, is very critical to JWdom. Shunning keeps the cult in control, strong.

    Shedding shunning, even gradually, would allow for the 'personal conscience' to develop. Then, one's start developing their own guidelines. They will get more comfortable to 'think,' to define what is really bad or not. Like whether they personally will socialize with their relative or friends that formerly would have been df'd. Then others will start thinking their conscience is clear to celebrate a birthday of a 1 yr old or not or an 80 year old family member. Then, Thanksgiving, which not truly of pagan origins, etc. Higher educaion will become less threatening. Many members would gradually integrate into the real world. They will begin to trust themselves that they won't be getting evil (as the WT threatens).

  • UnshackleTheChains
    Loosen restrictions on disfellowshipping, holidays, nonsense of spying on members, and they would be ok. But the huge egos involved in the GB will never allow that to happen

    What comes across in many posts is the issue of shunning. This is clearly a policy they need to review. Also, allowing members to use their own conscience on matters of blood, birthdays, holidays etc.

    I would also add that they should follow the example of the first century (AND during CT Russell's time) in allowing each congregation greater autonomy.

    That way the GB are not being masters over our faith;

    That way the holy spirit would be allowed to do the work Jesus employed it for;

    That way members can look to Jesus and not the GB for guidance.

    That way, each congregation can 'make use of literature' provided by the watchtower as they deem suitable and not conditional.

    I wonder which would be easier for the GB - moving mountains or getting rid of their own ego's 🙄

  • _Morpheus

    The reason i feel confident saying i would go back tomorrow if they ended shunning is that, as gayle noted, they cannot end shunning. It will never happen. But if they did i would gladly go back :)

  • punkofnice
    They won't. They are too full of self importance and indifference to the 'flock(tm)' to even care. As long as the leaders and their suck ups are okay, got their rock star status, they won't give a monkey's.
  • HiddlesWife

    Let's not forget the blood ban. If they would "shed new light with some scripture proof as support (so-called)", then this may just to a certain degree "save their hides" so to speak. Unfortunately, this does not and would not bring back to life the other thousands to millions of Dubs and their children who became sacrificial lambs for this heinous doctrine!

  • Londo111

    Nothing. All churches are in decline, therefore, decline for Watchtower is inevitable.

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