Did you leave the JW RECENTLY? Really? Recently? WTF were you thinking?

by The Real Edward Gentry 44 Replies latest jw friends

  • punkofnice

    You're the 'real' Edward Gentry? Who's the pretend one?

    Real Ed - People are really strange.

    A lot of trolls on here too that try to stir it up. How trite of them.

  • OnTheWayOut
    You're the 'real' Edward Gentry? Who's the pretend one?

    Jon Voight played 'Edward Gentry' in DELIVERANCE. So he is the wanna be.

  • jwundubbed

    I didn't leave the JWs because their doctrine was wrong. I left because I realized that everyone I had grown up with really would behave the way others had always behaved before them. There is no way that I could have known that until it happened. I left about 20 years ago or so... so the internet wasn't a great resource back then. But I had heard of Ray Franz and his book. I never looked it up because I didn't care about that. My parents gave me all the critical thinking skills that I ever needed. So every time 'new light' came out I knew it was all BS. My family was constantly debunking the doctrine and the policies.

    Most of the people that I know who made the choice to stay made that choice because of their family. Logic has little to do with the choice to be cut off from your family, your friends, and everyone you have ever loved. What people were thinking was legitimate even if you don't get it.

    And yes, your words were very harsh. Your point in using everyone who left recently to boost your own ego is what exactly? What is so bad about your life that you have to put down other people to feel good about your own choices? I don't see what could possibly make it worthwhile to voice your ridiculous assessment of people who made different choices than your own. I think... maybe, you need to go get some help. Get some therapy. And remember that just because you are writing words into a little box on a computer screen, that doesn't mean that there aren't very real people with feelings reading your asinine commentary.

  • Giordano

    Edward Gentry you have already learned your approach is has not working. These people have .......as ex JW's a steel shell against bullshit.

    Take your shots sucker........... your out of ammo and finished.

  • VW.org
    Not to be overly harsh...

    You got to be kidding. What an introduction.

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