Did you leave the JW RECENTLY? Really? Recently? WTF were you thinking?

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  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Sometimes not rocking the boat is the easiest way to live life. Knowing and doubting are different and doubts won't deprive you of your family whereas once you start down the rabbit hole there becomes a point of no going back and just hoping the sacrifices of lost loved ones won't be too great. Fear is a great paralyser of further action.

  • AdrianIsMagic

    I'm 22 and only just had the courage to tell my mum, cause I still live at home with my husband and 5 year old and we do t have the money to move out and I didn't wanna risk it.

    But tbh I haven't been a witness since I was 18 which was when my baby was born due to complications during pregnancy. I haven't been in 4 years

  • Vanderhoven7

    Well said Onager!!

  • dozy

    I left in 2005 or so. In hindsight , I should have left earlier - all the information and resources were out there. In fact - they were in the late 1980's - if I had found Franz's book in the library I would have left then.

    I recall doing a bit of online research in the early 2000's but it was a lot more messy back then. For example , Danny Hazard ( remember him? ) was very much one of the top results in any search , which would have put any JW off. Nowadays , with the likes of JWFacts , John Cedars videos , the various message boards You tube etc - it is a lot more attractive to the doubting JW doing a bit of "off piste" surfing.

    In reality - we tend to use the internet and media to support our beliefs rather than to challenge them. The daily newspaper I read ( the UK Times ) and the news I watch ( BBC / SKY ) tends to broadly support my political and social views ( I rarely tune into RT or Fox News , for example ), and I dip in and out of newspapers like the Guardian ( too left wing ) & the Telegraph ( too right wing / too Brexit supporting. )

    For me - and I guess most ex-JWs - I got to a point in my life and personal / family circumstances when it was just time to sit down & do research , even though that would show that I had given the best years or my life to a MLM style business / cult. Certainly I should have done it much earlier , when the internet began to take off.

  • sinboi

    I remembered I first visited xjw sites a year or 2 ago when I was just 14 or 15 y.o.

    The first few posts frightened me....they are mocking Jehovah's name..they are sinning against the holy spirit!

    I DA'd in june this year. I have doubts on the wt. But I still think the Bible is God's word.I needed support after I da'd. But I still dare not visit xjw sites. Then came september, there is a lot of fuss regarding Rev 12 and sept 23rd. I needed answers on it. I have a choice, visit jw or xjw sites. I choose the latter. In about 3 weeks, you guys convinced me that the bible is just a book of bullshit!

  • ToesUp

    When you are raised in a cult, you don't know any different. You put your trust in your parents. Until YOU start researching and learning, things start crumbling. NO ONE ELSE CAN DO IT FOR YOU, YOU HAVE TO COME TO YOUR OWN CONCLUSION. It's tough to realize you have been duped.

  • _Morpheus


    *see’s self righeous ex jw pat himself on the back for realizing it was cult and tries to make others feel bad for not thinking/seeing exactly as he does*


  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    I'm kind of a newbie...from my observation many stay because of the secure feeling they get...Many may not even had that type of secure feeling in their own home from their own parents, so the environment is good for those who don't know the difference between conditional love and unconditional love....some people don't get no hugs at home so when they come to the hall, they come to you and say, Ahhh, I need a hug, they blame it on the system but it's either because they live alone or who they do live with, they get no love, just spiritual food...the hall is the only place they may get support, so many factors of why folks stay...why do folks stay with an abusive spouse, who knows, only the shadow do...lol...

    As someone said many don't want to rock the boat. Many see the ttatt, but no one has stepped on their toes as of yet, but just wait...I'm close to many of the brothers and sisters, and they talk, some even know of a sister or brother whose child was molested and they still come but they are cold towards the org., but still come because to them it's still the truth...why they stay, you would have to ask them...

    Most like to be spoon fed and they are, they are safe, they will wake up in paradise, they haven't the guts to endure this world the way it is...all they do is whine...witnesses don't like to be unconvenienced, they want the easy life now, don't want to pay bills, work or anything because they are witnesses. Witnesses can't cope with the real life so they run to the hall...like those who run to meds, when they can't take it...

    You ask what were you thinking...that's the ticket right there....they weren't thinking they were being spoon fed and felt safe and that if anything happened to another friend within the org. even if the org. was wrong, most likely the sister or brother were wrong, never to believe the org. was unfair, until...IT HAPPENS TO THEM.


  • dubstepped

    Weak troll bro.

  • Stealth


    You just joined this community 4 days ago and make a post like this?

    This twat waffle clearly has no idea what he is talking about!

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