Taking children out on the ministry

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  • stillin

    My son stepped away from the porch, stood by the bush and pissed. He had told us, but, no, we figured that he was just a young adult and would hold it until we got somewhere, like the rest of us. The householder said," That's how you do it." At least he had some humor about it. We were appalled!

    Kids are kids. Witnesses seem to forget that and deprive them of their childhood.

  • WTWizard

    There should be a minimum age of at least 18 to do any of this rubbish. And the parents should not be hounded to do anything that might make having children a hardship--all that does is guarantees to joke-hova that this will be the last generation of humans. Even 21 would be better--if they follow their own damnation book, there is a precedent of setting an age of 30 to go out in field circus at all. Hey, if they are going to claim to follow jesus' example, and they expect children to be baptized at age 6 and follow their parents in field circus from infancy, they deserve to be called out for hypocrisy.

  • OnTheWayOut

    A child has not decided on his/her own research that Watchtower has "the truth."
    It is pure indoctrination. And it is difficult for them and they hate it. It leads to anxiety over a schoolmate answering the door. It opens them to dangers when working with other adults that could be predators that are experienced at winning them over and/or isolating them.

  • Moster

    Mom took me out EVERY Saturday morning - rain or shine. I was embarrassed, afraid I would run into school mates etc. My anxiety levels were extremely high back then. To this day I suffer from stomach problems related to the stress and anxiety that the JW's caused during my childhood.

    If not worrying about FS, there were all the other rules to be adhered to, and no playing with the worldly kids. Left me lonely and alone a lot of times.

  • EverApostate

    Weekends are the greatest time of Joy and fun for kids, atleast that’s how I grew up.

    I know a JW Uber lady that would take her new born baby, in a stroller for FS , rain or shine. I would term this as child abuse.

    Really sorry for all those JW kids - who are dragged into the neighborhood - all to do a corporate cult work.

  • Searril

    It's horrible, embarrassing, idiotic, repulsive, detrimental to society, and a complete waste of time.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    I consider it child abuse now. It puts children in horrible danger. When I was six years old I was made to work whole streets by myself. I was verbally abused by householders and had dogs order to attack me. I know it is diffrent now but a child is still subject to abuse. Still Totally ADD

  • sparrowdown

    This is one my bugbears with JWs.

    I agree with "still ADD" I truly believe it to be a form of emotional and psychological abuse and one of the forced activities that forms the basis of the trauma that cements the indoctrination in the child's mind.

    The child is also exposed to all sorts of potentially dangerous people, animals and situations - again all part of the trauma for a child and the embarrassment can be crippling to a young teenager's self esteem and image.

    Just like being forced to keep awake at meetings with threats of corporal punishement and humiliation.

    Effectively teaching the child "learned helplessnes."

    Shame shame shame on you WT

  • Freedom rocks
    Freedom rocks

    Thanks guys. My daughter was extremely lonely until I left the cult because I wouldn't allow her to play in the street with worldly kids or go to school friends houses. I feel bad about it now when I look back.

    She hated the ministry. Don't think I knew 1 kid that wanted to be out and we had near 20 in the hall

  • Dunedain

    Saturday morning field service, in particular, was horrible. My young brain, knew i was missing Scooby Doo, and Looney Tunes cartoons, for waking up early and knocking on doors of people who HATED that we were there.

    It was a mind [email protected]#k for my 5 to 12 year old brain. What child on Earth would REALLY like to go out in service, instead of sleeping in, watching cartoons, playing, or just plain old relaxing from a weeks worth of school.

    The abuse from the WTBS was further perpetrated by the fact that if you didnt like, or want to go out in service, you were labelled as "bad", or not a spiritually strong youth. What young, to pre-teen child, would ever LIKE field service?? No normal child would.

    Service is nerve racking, difficult, frightening, and tough, for the average ADULT. Think about what unneccessary stress it causes children. Sad, and just another abuse from the WTBS.

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