Taking children out on the ministry

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    I have once seen a pioneer hit a dog with his suit case. The dog had been running at/attacking us and crawled back to its owner.

    I have also ran back to our car while a man chased us with a baseball bat.

    I have been verbally abused countless of times.

    And yet, the most horrific experience I can remember was my dad striking a long and passionate conversation with a man that was shovelling manure. For about 30 minutes, I had to stand there, resisting my urge to puke!

  • steve2

    Not only did my parents take my sister and I out on ministry but they expected us to go door-to-door by ourselves around ages 8 and 9 - I kid you not. This was the 1960s and we lived in a semi-rural community. I had my own magazine route which I went on, sometimes fortnightly and sometimes monthly. Once when I was out in the ministry after school on my bike (I went home to change first), some local kids turned on me and I have a vivid memory of my magazine bag sailing through the air and Awakes and Watchtowers flying everywhere. Luckily I only got a grazed knee - but I do remember how very scared I was. My parents were furious about what happened to me but couldn't do anything about it. I still went out by myself - but was warned about where I was to go and who I was to avoid. Looking back, I'm aghast at what we were expected to do. Oh, my magazine placements were very high and I was used often on the platform as a fine example!

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