Unbaptised son maybe asked to be in assembly ... Suggestions please!

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  • LisaRose

    I don't think you can do much on the visitation weekends, but you do not have to let him go to meetings when you have him. Tell them "Thank you for your interest in my son, but I have decided it's not in his best interest to go to any Jehovah's Witness functions while he is with me." Your son is probably being influenced to ask to do those things, you can influence him also.

    Whatever comes up just say you already had plans, then take your son to go do something fun at those times, work on getting him to learn critical thinking, so he can recognize the lies and deceptions that are used by the Society. Take him to a natural history museum to learn about evolution, etc.

  • Gayle
    Maybe if he starts wearing suits pants just a little "tight"/fitted they won't want to use him in any parts?. Hmmmmmm.
  • DarioKehl


    if he's not baptized, how can he be on an assembly part? I thought that was a requirement. Or no?

  • Divergent
    If he's not baptized, how can he be on an assembly part? I thought that was a requirement. Or no?

    Nope, you don't have to be baptized. I've seen unbaptized kids & young ones being used in demos / dramas. I was one of them myself!

  • Frazzled UBM
    Frazzled UBM
    Do everything you can to keep him away. Have you any evidence that they have spoken badly about you for no longer going. Can you get disfellowshipped? In the UK you could probably ask for the visitation dates not to be on meeting nights because going along damages your relationship with your son because they cast you in a bad light. The fact that your ex is a child abuser surely gives you traction with the courts to limit his influence?
  • mana11
    Get onto your lawyer asap and say you do not want your child being influenced by this cult.
  • Zoos

    Use THEIR tactics.

    Be proactive in telling your son how cult leadership tries to destroy families by demonizing one of the parents. Tell him how they twist the bible to get him to be suspicious of you. THAT's how they begin to control his mind. Every conversation you can conceive that your ex and the elders might have with your son, YOU HAVE IT WITH HIM FIRST to prepare his mind for the onslaught.

    Don't let yourself be caught in a reactionary position. It will play right into the hands of the Watchtower recruitment machine. Watchtower is very adept to picking apart a person's objections and reactions - tying them to Satanic influence. What they are not used to is dealing with someone who is IN THE KNOW from the start.

  • eyeuse2badub


    Something similar happened to me when I was a kid nearly 55 years ago. Being "used" by jehober's organization, having the "privilege" of being on an assembly program totally screwed me up. That event and others that followed, helped to reinforce the indoctrination. It took nearly half a century for me to break free!

    just saying!


  • 4thgen

    Hello All! thank you for the wonderful support, great suggestions and encouraging PM's. Well, things were delayed for the time being. My son acted sick so he wouldn't have to go to the meeting...so nothing happened. I have mixed feelings about the delay tactic, but either way, it is what it is. Because of the posts, I have an appointment with my attorney tomorrow to get legal advise. If the lawyer gives me something of use, I will post it here so others can benefit. Thanks again!

  • Gayle

    My son acted sick so he wouldn't have to go to the meeting

    so glad he's got out of that (for now),, thankfully he has you as his way out and is luckier than most jw kids. Though, tough dilemma for him due to his father yet.

    One case, in Arizona, I went to the court with the mom (she, never a JW, contacted me through ex-JW site), for moral support. She married an JW (raised in but not active), had children. Divorced. He went back to JW world. There was shared custody, but she had already full custody on medical (blood issue).

    1. She requested that she didn't want the kids to go to JW meetings at all. Of course, the judge did not grant that as the father had right to takes kids to his church. (no surprise there).

    2.. She requested to judge for the son not to have a Bible study with any other JW, only the father. (She was counting on the father falling through with that because he had a history of not following through with things), The judge granted that to her.

    3. She requested that her children not be baptized into JW. Judge asked the father on JW policy of baptism and the father stated when the child was "mature" enough (by answering certain questions required, etc). (Then, this surprised me.) Judge decreed that if any of the children were wishing to be baptized that the father would have to inform the Court at least 3 months in advance. Then, the Court/he will question the child and will decide if the child is, in fact, "mature" enough.

    I didn't have contact with h er again for at least a year. She stated that things were great, The father didn't follow through with Bible study. That they kids weren't really going to JW meetings any more. The oldest, son, was very active in school activities, absolutely planning college and the younger ones were doing great too.

    I trust that you will succeed with your son's future. You have a positive life to offer him, a life of freedom of mind and heart, You can show him the joy of real life (though challenging).

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