EXTREME HYPOCRISY in this Sunday's study article!!!

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  • RichardHaley
    When ever they say it is a conscience manner their just giving their members the illusion of making their own decisions when in fact they have been programmed to follow unwritten rules. If not followed they will be marked as weak ones in the congregation and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • stillin

    I guess I enjoyed a fraction of adultery when a nice woman and I got friendly recently. My wife feels that it was full-blown adultery, but she's way too sensitive.

    I asked my wife once, if a pint of blood were to be filtered of all but it's' pure h2o content, would she feel that she could drink the water? Absolutely not!


    Does this mean that the WTBTS is allowing medical procedures that require the patient's own blood to be stored for later use? If JWs can use blood products derived from "worldly" people that was not poured on the ground, or products derived from animal blood that was not disposed of via biblical methods, they why can't they use their own blood?

    What this article says to the savvy Dub ( Those in charge...) is that you can use the "Don't ask, don't tell." method. They can seek whatever treatment they want, without being policed. These procedures are paid for by "dedicated funds."

    For the indoctrinated sheeple, nothing has changed. When a tragedy strikes, the ignorant sheeple will rely on their congregation Eldubs and other commiserators as they descend upon the Hospital like a migrating colony of bees.

    Despite this article, the "No Blood" mantra will continue to be repeated as some are saved by Jeehoobie, and others are martyred for him. This article will, however, provide a handy print-out for the WTBTS in courts.

    The more the obscure the truth, the less likely it is to be discovered. If the U.S. had their own Angus Stewart, it would be a ray of hope. Unfortunately, this issue is not forced into the open and the general public doesn't really understand the issues.

    If the WTBTS were being confronted with the "no blood" policy while simultaneously fighting court battles about their "two-witness" rule, that would be awesome. They can't fight a battle on two fronts. They would be forced to choose between being viewed as ignorant yokels who can't understand modern medicine/science, or cold-hearted abusers of children.

    They are a hair's width away from a HUGE debacle and they know it. I hope TOMO and Co. continue to eat themselves into early retirement.


  • fastJehu
  • crazyhorse
    Fucking cult. I'm so fucking tired of them.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    This has to be a double standard of a WT article. I just cannot see what they are trying to do to the rank and file. Confusing as hell!!
  • tragical

    You guys are great! I was just about to post a thread about today's WT for exactly this reason. I was the WT reader so it was extra difficult for me to read this bullshit with a straight face but I must keep up appearances.

    As an aside, I refused to shave today. I let my evil beard grow one day out and I might continue to do it. Nobody said anything to me about it although I made myself scarce and left right after so maybe they did but I'm sure they would have if I stuck around a bit longer. I have the "improving your skills in the minstry" part on the service meeting this Thursday so I might just push my luck. No shaving the whole week and give the part with my beard.

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Do it beardy! It's a conscience matter!

    Just ask them to show you scripturally why you shouldn't have a beard. They won't be able to, yet you'll be able to show them how Yahweh feels about facial hair in the law code, he told them not to shave the extremities of the beard.. If they say 'we're not under that law now' then I think it's the same chapter that says he doesn't like tattoos, so you could say 'well, if we're not under that law anymore, I'm getting ink bro!'

    Good luck!

  • Oubliette

    A Christian who is reasonable does not impose his views on others.

    This then is incontrovertible and unequivocal proof that none of the Governing Body members are reasonable. Thanks for the clarification.

  • Zoos
    Yes, they did. Fractions have been available for a long time before then

    The Searcher
    ZOOS -
    w58 9/15 p. 575 Questions From Readers

    Wow! As far back as 1958?
    [sitting in corner remaining silent]

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