FYI, Eloise Dupuis, 27, a JW, died last Wednesday in a Quebec hospital because she refused a blood transfusion

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  • smiddy

    Very tragic ,...very sad.....and as we know on this board , the JW no blood policy for medical reasons / transfusions is a corruption of the Bible texts used to justify it.

    It is long overdue for mainstream Christian religions to set the record straight on this subject and tackle the WTB&TS head on in exposing the religions doctrine for what it is.

    A bastardisation of scripture that has no solid foundation in the Bible for the interpretation Jehovahs Witnesses give the scriptures relating to blood.

    Surely the Bible scholars , learned Clergy of Christendoms religions either jointly or singurlary could campaign to end all these needless deaths of men women and children of this religion that has been going on for more than 60 years now ,with countless needless deaths in the name of Christianity.

    I sincerely believe Churches have been too silent in not condemning this doctrine of Jehovahs Witnesses with a big campaign

  • TheWonderofYou

    Another J.W. mother from Germany, who died 2008

    The mother begged the surgeons on her knees for blood for her daughter

    The mother, who is said to have begged the doctor on knees for blood for her daughter had no sucess. The hospitalized J.W. woman had a a six year-old daughter and in the fourth month of the 2nd pregnancy she had been bleeding. After refusing the transfusion, her condition had deteriorated hour after hour.

    The management of the hospital said doctors would have to consider patients' will. The fact that this could be wrong from a medical perspective, does not matter for their legal liability.

    Also, the present husband and twelve other Jehovah's Witnesses did not respond to the plea of the woman's mother and did not intervene. First, the fetus died, then the woman lost consciousness.

    The doctors had tried in vain to save the life of her patient with blood substitutes. But blood substitutes could not save her.

  • TheWonderofYou

    From J.W. no-blood /bleeding promotion on the homepage of the cult

    Myth: Many Witnesses, including children, die each year as a result of refusing blood transfusions.
    Fact: This statement is totally unfounded. Surgeons regularly perform such complex procedures as heart operations, orthopedic surgery, and organ transplants without the use of blood transfusions. * Patients, including children, who do not receive transfusions usually fare as well as or better than those who do accept transfusions. *

    In any case, no one can say for certain that a patient will die because of refusing blood or will live because of accepting it.

    How so, if everybody in the hospital (surgeons, HLC, family) knew that she would certainly die?

    Those J.W. advocates (Hospital Liaison Committee members) knew for certain that she would die.
    They had prepared a blood-card and had urged her to undersign it under supervision, so that she would bleed in case of hospitalizion.

    And the surgeons and the lawyers have not guts any more!

    Who will care for the child, the community?

  • TheWonderofYou

    SRY for posting so much...

    The legal department and the HLC have successfully made a "Legal subject" of those cases, whereas it should be "moral subject". ---- just to allow the surgeons and advocates to "whitewash their conscience" and to distract of the joint guilt of all participants. Nobody has guts.

  • pale.emperor

    So sad and my heart goes out to her and her child. I know she signed that blood card thinking it was what her God wants, but as we all know this has nothing to do with what the bible says and everything to do with control and guilt and cult indoctrination.

    I don't know (or care) I'd god exsists, but if he does may he/she/they bless her soul.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Matt 12:7 : But if ye had known what this meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice, ye would not have condemned the guiltless. (KJB)

  • rebel8

    The article here indicates some of her friends doubt she refused blood. We'll see what the investigation reveals.

    "I would like to to know if Éloïse consented to not having a blood transfusion, if she had the chance to express herself, if she had the opportunity to make an informed decision," Manon Boyer, Dupuis's aunt, told Radio-Canada.

    A group of friends of Dupuis told Radio-Canada they plan to file a complaint with the Lévis police for criminal negligence.

    "We don't know if she refused the blood transfusion," Cassandra Zelezen, a childhood friend of Dupuis, said.

    She said they want to know if family prevented medical staff from providing a blood transfusion without the consent of Dupuis.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Hey everyone. I have some "insider" update: According to JWs, she had the operation during which she go infected by a virus. It is that virus that put her in a coma for two days and finally killed her after two days. Hence, JW are already in full denial mode.

  • Scully

    According to JWs, she had the operation during which she go infected by a virus. It is that virus that put her in a coma for two days and finally killed her after two days.

    They are trying to make it sound like she acquired an infection during the surgical procedure? They sure are in denial!! The "virus" she acquired from the JWs, the one that made her / her family believe that a blood transfusion would taint her, was the one that killed her.

  • Ding

    So sad and so unnecessary.

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