Predictions for 2016

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  • punkofnice
    tal - 5. Pigs will NOT fly.

    Er, they already do...police helecopters!

    I agree, No 'armageddon(tm)' but it's still 'very close(r)'.

    I predict their holinesses the watchtower rock star popes will ask for even more money, property and stull left in wills to them.

    The WBT$ will continue to blurt out batsh1t crazy nonsenes in their publications.

    Paedophiles will be protected as usual by the governing body.

    The WBT$ will take no heed of the findings of the ARC or anything else for that matter.

    AM3 will continue to enjoy being a drunken bully.

    A member of the governing body will be arrested for being a paedophile.

    A swathe of elders will resign and leave the cult.

    Apart from that the WBT$ will continue to survive.

  • fastJehu


    1. The WT-library-CD will be stopped, 2015 will be the last one

    2. All conventions could be seen in the KH - but only for the elderly and disabled JWs

    3. Appointment of a additional GB member (or more)

    4. New songbook will be printed

  • freddo


    1) As mentioned - no more WT Library on CD/DVD.

    2) Peak to Peak publishers will drop - if reported honestly.

    3) Child Abuse matters will take a bigger toll.

    4) Trolley Carts will prove just as fruitless.

    5) JWTV will make more people wake up.

    6) Re-assigned Bethelites will be more wary about taking on privileges.

    7) More Hall sales and money grabbing.

    8) Aux Pioneering at 30 hours - open all year round starting in March


    All the above will apply especially no 2 "peak to peak" drop which happened this year and no 3 with the charity commission investigation into jw handling of child abuse.

    The only ones coming in other than "born-ins" will be nutters, fruitcakes and weirdos.

    Baptisms will be low but may rebound a bit from the low "post 2014" year just reported.

    My circuit

    A kingdom Hall with just one congregation may be sold off. I don't think we will lose a congregation this year but it will be moved in with another hall.

    I hear that at least three reassigned bethelite couples will be assigned to congregations in our circuit as regular (i.e. no money, you're on your own) pioneers.

    More elders/MS resigning/removed.

    My Congregation

    I think an older elder and/or MS will die or be incapacitated - no one in particular, just that we've got two over 80 and three over 75.

    Can't see any "appointments" this year (maybe a young buck towards the end of the year but he could go either way) unless someone moves in. One "nice but dim" MS looks like he might even be asked to fall on his sword.

    Can't see any baptisms either.

    Even lower meeting attendance averages - reporting about 65 out of 90 at present.

    More apathy, judicials, boredom and slacking off.

  • DJS


    Once you go pagan you will never go back. I predict that DJS will again promise to try to behave himself on this site. And fail miserably. Again.

    I also predict that Viv will return in all her intelligent, smart-alecky, (occasional - when she's been drinking) girl on girl glory (come back Viv, come back) and begin treating us all to what we have come to know and love - the end of OPs where the final 7 pages and 63 posts are between Viv and her opponents, with Viv having them in a head lock down on the mat, and they are having the following conversation:

    Oh yes you did! Oh no I di-uhnt.

    Oh yes you did! Oh no I di-uhnt.

    Oh yes you did! Oh no I di-uhnt.

  • park ave boy
    park ave boy

    Ohhhhhhhh boy! I love me some of this thread! Let me get out my "kreestale" ball.

    OK I SEE IN 2016:

    1.) One of the GB members leave or resign or DA'd. It looks like.... a man.... older.... his name is Gerbil, or Gerry... or Gerrit. Yes. That's it. Gerrit. An Austrian fellow. His conscience bothers him about something he knows. He's trapped. But... he wants out.

    2.) The WTBTS gets involved in a real estate deal to sell off a property they own. It is very large transaction... but it sours and falls apart. I see a powerful man, a political man perhaps get involved and files a lawsuit against the WTBTS for a very large amount.... they get dragged through the court system over it and it lasts many years. In the end the WTBTS are forced to sell much of the property at a large discount... yes, 50% of what they first estimated.

    3.) The GB will claim new light has risen from their gaseous inner intestines... it will be involving a date... I cannot see the date... oh yes wait... it is 2114 minus 200. Ok that is the first number. The second number is 587 plus 20, and I see a donkey... no rather a jackass, a large jackass who wears glasses and he speaks! Wait more coming in,,.he also has a name... Mike. No... Matt... no... Morbid... Morebus.... Morris! That's it! Morris....A new edict will be issued about the years 1914 and 607.

    4.) A 4 part Watchtower lesson on the evil power of the internet and apostasy. I see lots of direction in this one. It says you must obey the 7 wise men or be cut off from the borg. It says you must not view ANY websites about Jehovah's Witnesses, Jehovah, the Governing Body or the Watchtower except one called JWorg. But this will backfire and hundreds of thousands of members will wake up and go against the WTBTS and leave!

    5.) Little children. Big bad old men. Australia. Royal Commission. England. France. Portugal. I see the WTBTS in deep shit. Literally deep shit and they dig themselves deeper in it. 33% members. That is all I see.

    That is all I can see. Too much power needed to see through the evil of the WTBTS. But in summary, the WTBTS has the worst year in its history and 2016 begins the great decline and collapse of the WTBTS.

  • eyeuse2badub

    More apathy!

    just saying!


  • bohm

    * Modification of a core teaching such as the 144'000 being symbolic

    * Slight change (of some kind) to the way publishers are counted

    * NO decrease in numbers. The numbers in the 2017 yearbook will look better than those for this year (regression towards the mean)

    * With reduced focus on 3rd world countries there will be a (small) breakout group in a 3rd world country. It will not be mentioned by the WT

    * Further reduction in the number of printed pages

    * WT and Awake remains two magazines

    * A new GB member will be announced & host a show

    * A show will have a long feature about a bethelite returning to a congregation and how great that is

    * One more meeting part will be done by video

  • Vidiot
    Some of these are so obvious, they barely even qualify as "predictions". :smirk:
  • ttdtt

    1: Bad things will happen in the world, and it will be a sign of how close we are to the end.

    2: Gay rights will continue to progress, and it will be a sign of how close we are to the end.

    3: JW atrocities will come to light by the Satan Controlled media, and it will be a sign of how close we are to the end.

    4: Scientific progress will continue to move to solutions to health and world problems, and it will be a sign of how close we are to the end. (since they dont put their eggs in gods kingdom)

    5: Huge humanitarian efforts will happen, and it will be a sign of how close we are to the end.

    Are you sensing a pattern?

  • Vidiot

    "Everything proves that we're right!...

    ...(even the stuff that doesn't)"

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