Predictions for 2016

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  • LevelThePlayingField

    So, it's that time of year again. Here's a few of my predictions. Please tell me yours.

    1.) No Armageddon

    2.) A very pointed and detailed article comes out from our favorite GB team about apostasy. This article will really nail it. But it will be so much like Tight-pants-Tony that it will wake up more people than warn because it's so brash.

    3.) The org will NOT sell it's fortune in Brooklyn in 2016. It will happen later. Why do I say this. Most other properties, according to Wiki were sold around 7 years after going to "market".

    4.) Your turn. . .

  • talesin

    1. I will remain an atheist, and fail to return to the 'one true God'.

    2. There will be zero miracles in 2016.

    3. New light will shine, and Jah's people will need to strive even harder, give even more ...

    4. Armaggedon will continue to be 'just around the corner'.

    5. Pigs will NOT fly.

    : )

  • xjwsrock

    We will see first decline of our time in overall publisher numbers.

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes xjwsrock!

    AND that will be spun as "a positive proof of Gods blessing on the society" (somehow)

  • Lostwun

    I Have a funny feeling im going to get caught doing something pagan in 2016 and get disfellowshipped thereby ending my fade...

    We'll see. Going with the gut for now

  • smiddy

    1.) Vincent Toole ,will be sacked , demoted , as the Lawyer for the WT. Bethel H.Q. Sydney.

    2.) Jehovah`s Witnesses Org. will dig themselves deeper into a hole with the A.R.C. , refusing to accept there recommendations .

    3.) There will be an even greater influx of newbies to sites like this exiting the Borg.

    4.) The 144,000 will become a symbolic number , and never reported again

    5.) The WTB&TS will pocket Billions of Dollars from real estate sales especially in New York .

    6.) They will still be begging for more money in donations etc. and saying they do not solicit for money ?

    7.) Many more child abuse cases around the world will be found in favour of the victims with millions of $$$$ in compensation .

    8.) A significant decrease in membership overall , and baptisms for the year .

    9.) The selling off of many more KH`s around the world to try to balance the books

    10.) The WTB&TS is now on a downhill slide to obscurity where it will never recover from.


  • Crazyguy
    The Borg's numbers have always been skewed but now and in to the future their numbers will be out right lies, continuing to tell the believers there growing and need more money etc.
  • crazy_flickering_light

    For me:

    Getting caught for talking to df's, spreading TTATT in the cong and much more, joining a JC and have to step down, so I can start my fade. Maybe I can wake some more. Also hope that my "Plan B" works and I get more friends outside. And more time for working undercover. ;)

    For the cult:

    Until 09/2016 more money-grabbing, more dramatic changes, new light. Near 10/2016 something like a "big bang". The new cult-center in Warwick will be finished, a lot of money will be made until this time, all savings from the cong and halls will be transferred and also the new service year will be started. Perfect time I think. Only a sugestion.

    What's happens after, I'm not sure. I think about two options: getting a videobased hardcore-cult or opens up a little bit - because of the ARC, drop a lot of wrong crap (607, shunning,...) via nu light and they have enough money to let the exodus happen. After that maybe a new cult will build, new name maybe.

    One think I don't understand in the puzzle is the emergency-bag. Maybe very crazy shit is ahead. The uber-dubs buy pro-stuff for surviving outside, without any plan to use it. Have a lot of funny talks about hardware. And also the sugestion what to buy is trash/interesting. It contains water for a lot of days, but no filter. Food for some days but no hunting hardware. Nothing for protect you from bad air. And so on. Mainly it's focussed - in my opinion - to a world-ends-meeting somewhere, not for surviving in a real trouble outside a shelter or house. Maybe somebody get the same feeling?

    (Sorry, if it's bad to read, not my native language.)

  • Xanthippe

    The UK branch will make some bullshit promises to the Charities Commission to hold on to charitable status along the lines of :-

    1. All child abuse reported to elders will be referred to the authorities.

    2. People who report the abuse or who leave because of it will not be shunned.

    Theocratic warfare, otherwise known as lying, will be used here and the promises will not be followed through.

  • Oubliette


    Lett will say something stupid, probably involving money

    ToMo will say something stupid, probably about gender or choice in clothing among the R&F

    Herd will say something stupid, probably about women

    If Loesch or Splane open their mouths, something stupid will come out

    Collectively, the GB will continuously ask for money

    Collectively, the GN will deny there is a problem with pedophiles in the organization

    As a group, the GB will loudly and publicly claim everything is fine, but their actions will betray their words

    - - - - -

    This is like shooting fish in a barrel!

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