Predictions for 2016

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  • LevelThePlayingField
    park ave boy - your post is as funny as hell. LOL! Awesome.
  • 3rdgen

    ttdtt, here's another one:

    The USA will elect a new president. His/her election will be proof positive that the world is going to hell in a hand basket and a sign of how close we are to the end.

    He/she is THE one Jah will use to turn on religion. This is not me talking here it is the holy spirit.

  • ttdtt

    RIght on 3rdgen - I forgot that one.
    And in his or her (and if its a her for sure its a sign of the end, just ask Bro Herd) Inaugural Address he/she will mention "Peace and Security".

    Also we will hear rumors on how the work is opening up in China:)

  • ttdtt
    Number One Prediction.... is that Bro Lett will make more funny faces on camera that will be parodied on YouTube!
  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Some rather easy predictions:

    1. The new mid-week meeting 'Our Christian Life and Ministry' (CLAM) will prove to be a disaster for WT.

    2. Literature Cart Witnessing will peter-out.

    3. Continual lower and lower meeting attendance.

    4. More and more divorces and separations among JW rank and file.

    5. Internet will continue to play a large role in exposing the WTBTS for the joke it is!

  • skin

    I think most of the above predictions will happen, just not in the next 12 months.

    And: Public talks will someday be all the same talk that is video fed over the KH video systems. No need to find a local speaker to do these talks each week.

  • ttdtt
    skin2 hours ago

    And: Public talks will someday be all the same talk that is video fed over the KH video systems. No need to find a local speaker to do these talks each week.

    I said this as soon as the TMS was killed in favor of more demonstrations impersonating as a school.

    There is currently NO forum for a young brother, Ministerial Servant, or Elder to be trained, or to improve the skills needed to be a Public Speaker. This has been eroded away over the last 10 years, one by one getting rid of those needed opportunities to do one of the hardest things on earth, teach and motivate people through oratory.

    Public talks have often been boring or bad, but now the are almost always ATROCIOUS. There is no accountability, and people keep patting brothers on the back saying "good job" who vomit on the stage, or lay a giant turd.

    It wont be long before we have our Public talk presented as a video from JWB. Cant wait to hear Tony give a talk on human hotdogs at HARM-A-GEDON

  • millie210

    More and more use of video feeds at meetings replacing local speakers

    A new way to "count" the ones who partake at Memorial

    More "campaigns" to try to increase field service hours

    Some kind of opportunity used to ensnare young people from teen - 20s.

    (may be a "school" or "need great" activity)

    Continued quietness on all things blood related - no DFs for blood related incidents.

  • Listener

    They will announce that the Great Tribulation has begun. They will point to climate change and it's devastating effects that indicate the beginning of more devastating climatic events to follow. (they always have spoken about climatic events but didn't realize that it was meant to be literal).

    It will be the beginning of a new age for JWs and the organization. The past can be forgotten as a new future looms ahead of them.

    This will bring further changes within the org. No longer will the focus be on the door to door work but there will be a greater call to begin carrying out the 'clean up' work. There will be a far greater need for money and labor. The purchase of land and building places of refuge will be hinted at but not until the HQs are finished.

    The publisher time records will change dramatically. No longer will there be a need to record the number of placements of various literature. It is not necessary to keep these figures as JW org access replaces the need for printed material. Recording of hours will include time spent on 'cleaning up' places hit by bad weather and other calamities caused by nature. The definition of divine service will now encompass more activities, which they have already alluded to.

    For the first time a concerted effort will be placed on assisting all those affected, not just JWs and by so doing, they will still be proclaiming the message of the Kingdom. God's people will be engaging in a new witness type work and although strange from a human viewpoint the all wise GB know this is what God wants.

    This strategy provides them with great blessings. More money, more assets, retaining charity status, instilling a real imminence of Armageddon and a possible growth in their numbers. They also retain their neutrality by focusing on natural disasters.

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