which Translation Now?

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  • truth_b_known

    I have the NIV and the Douay-Rheims translations. I would like a Jerusalem Bible. Not to be confused with the New Jerusalem Bible.

    The Jerusalem Bible by Various

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    A Textus Receptus based bible is what I mostly use. Otherwise, you'll be missing around 3000 Greek words from the NT. These include:

    1. King James Version - KJV

    2. King James Version ER (Easy Reader) - KJV - ER

    3. New King James Version - NKJV

    4. Modern English Version - MEV

    5. Green's Literal Translation - GLT

    6. Third Millennium Bible - TMB

    7. New Cambridge Paragraph Bible - 2005 edition of the KJV (paragraph format with modernized spelling)

    8. 21st Century King James Bible

  • Fisherman

    The Amplified gives you an expanded broader meaning of the verse. I used it a lot in the past. It’s pretty good. The NWT though is just amazing. No comparison.

  • BluesBrother

    It seems that people have their personal favourites. The important thing is accuracy in translation, and who is to say which is the “best” since they are all produced by scholars.

    As an ex Witness, brought up on the Original NWT , I still use it a lot. I suppose that would be my ‘go to’ translation. For study of a verse I like to compare translations . I use the Blue Letter Bible site and I have now bookmarked the Bible Hub. Thank you to the poster who gave the link…

  • TonusOH
    Fisherman: The NWT though is just amazing. No comparison.

    I agree with the 'no comparison' part.

  • Fisherman
    agree with the 'no comparison' part.

    Obviously, you understand what I mean because of my context.

  • dropoffyourkeylee
    I found the J B Phillips NT, though a paraphrase, to be an eye opener in understanding what the letters of Paul were all about.
  • jhine

    Slim l understand that there are people who support the idea of the Divine name in the New Testament l still believe that there is no proof of it . At best it's conjecture .

    For all the supporters of that theory there are probably as many detractors who are equally qualified on the subject.

    So l feel that until it's proven it's wrong of the WT particular to put the word Jehovah into the texts .


  • Vidqun

    If your Bible is based on the Masoretic Text (Ancient Jewish OT), one should place the Tetragrammaton in OT quotes of the NT, according to its source. If your Bible is based on the Septuagint (Ancient Greek OT) and Latin Vulgate you can replace the Tetragrammaton with small letters Lord/God according to those MSS.

  • Chezdale

    I use several. If I want to get my grey cells working I use this one ..

    2001 Translation of the Bible

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