What is the biggest sexual scandal to hit the top of JW tree ?

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  • zeb

    and there is the performance of the elders during the ARC and that of gb member Jackson.

    more to the point the 1000 plus cases of confessed (to elders) abuse that was never reported to the law in Australia. This was drawn from wt documents.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I got a few juicy stories from the Spanish side.

    Elders committing adultery while at the same time participating in committees to disfellowship others for the same sins; elder committing adultery for YEARS with step-niece; elder committing adultery with much younger regular pioneer; elder sexually abusing children of undocumented sister, thinking to get away with it because of their illegal status; adolescent boys, sons of prominent elder, raping young girls and getting away with it; young elder raping young sister and getting a slap on the wrist; oh... so many more happening even as I type these words. It will never stop.

    This is why, if our beliefs of Armageddon and God's kingdom on earth are real, ALL there will be only by the grace of God because we sinful humans will do the craziest stuff.


  • dugout

    Ah...... Me...... got appointed MS when I was 19, went on to date 3 sisters at the same time, some brothers who knew called it the trinity. One of them was a regular pioneer. we were in lust. Had her own apartment. when I told her I was getting married (not to one of the three), she ask me to come over and make love to her for the last time the day before I got married. Got married and after two years had sex with my best friends lover because he had sex (another bro with my girlfriend) Confessed to my wife she forgave me. never went to the elders. Then got appointed Elder served for 12years.Sat on so many judicial meetings involving fornication and adultery I said to myself jokelly when are some of these sisters gonna give me some. Went on to have two affairs with worldly women( that was fun) wife never found out. can't believe I'm telling yall this!! Is that a scandal?? or what.

  • Londo111

    How did you reconcile that with judging people doing the same things as you?

  • Crazyguy

    Dugout, except for being and elder I'm regretting I didn't do much of the same when I was at least single. I messed around and dated a lot of sisters but remained a gentleman, now I'm regretting it. We only live once so we should all have as much fun as possible!

  • dugout

    Really londo, i never really felt this religion. Iwas a born in to the sweetest mother. Father was never in. Made sure i'd go to hall though. I always had worldly friends. Always smoked my weed. Drank Even as a 10yrs old i silently questioned things. I was never fully indoctrinated but stayed in. mother still in she's 88yrs old still waiting to go around the corner. A brother and sister in. My mistake though was marrying young and to a woman in the so called truth. My wife of 38yrs still in indoctrinated. I basically did what i wanted. never was reproved or D'd. Never gave them that power. I had just as much friends in as i do out. Had a wonderful childhood growing up in the inner city. I often say to certain ones that if God forbid something happened to my wife I would never marry another JW again. Been a musician all of my life thats my outlet. More to come peace

  • NoviceLocs14

    Here's my boring local scandal.

    In my teens we had a really charismatic elder in our hall. He was friendly, could give an A1 talk at short notice, etc. He had a wife and 2 lovely boys. But even as a teen I felt like something was "off" with him. I would notice him leering at me during the song and prayer. While going over my baptismal questions, he remarked on how pretty I was and how many guys are going to ask me out when I go to college. He even gave a comment about me during the Watchtower study that really had nothing to do with the question. I honestly never felt comfortable around him, and I was relieved when he brought another brother with him to go over my baptismal questions.

    Fast forward a couple years later, his wife suddenly gets DFd, and they get divorced with him getting the kids. We were all shocked and immediately felt pity for the "poor single father" having to raise his kids alone.

    Not too long after that, I see this brother talking to a mysterious woman. At the time I was thinking, "Man these sisters are desperate. This man only just got divorced." Two weeks later, this man is married to yet another sister that went to our hall. We were shocked!

    Several weeks after that, my stepdad calls me and tells me that this brother was DFd. He claimed that it was because his divorce from his other wife wasn't finalized.

    It wasn't until later that I found out the real story of this man. It turns out that he had been married before, and left his first wife for his second one. He then started cheating on his second wife. He was also physically abusive to both her and their children. (I had once seen the youngest son come to a meeting with a black eye, and now I knew why.) There were domestic violence complaints against this man, yet he was still somehow allowed to remain an elder.

    Finally, the wife had met someone at her job and got involved with him. The elder found out, ran to the elders, and she was DFd. In the meantime, this elder's mistress thought she was going to be the next wife. It turns out that the mistress was the mysterious woman I saw him talking to one meeting. When he up and married another sister, she ran to the elders and spilled the beans. They were both promptly DFd. (He's since been reinstated and lives with his new wife and kids.)

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