What is the biggest sexual scandal to hit the top of JW tree ?

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  • Chook

    Elders ,CO ,DO ,branch overseers ,GB ,missionaries has "sinful" lust got the better of them.

  • scratchme1010

    Elders ,CO ,DO ,branch overseers ,GB ,missionaries has "sinful" lust got the better of them.

    I'm afraid that most of the worst in that respect doesn't come to light because it involves lawyers and gag orders.

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    There is a lawsuit in Texas where a plaintiff did accuse an unknown CO of child abuse. It has not be substantiated past the complaint but it is an allegation.

  • Vidiot

    GB member Leo Greenlees and his Bethel Boys.

    And credit where credit's due, they managed to keep the majority of the R&F from finding out about it.

    Of course, we all know. :smirk:

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Rutherford and his 16 year old live in 'dietician'.

  • Hecce

    A lot of stuff happened over at Bethel. In one particular case the wife of a DO left her husband and took of with one of the plant supervisors.

    On the field a CO completed his visit to a congregation, left his wife and started living with his many years mistress.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    1. When I was at Bethel, a married man and woman ran off together leaving their Bethelite spouses behind to face the humiliation and heartbreak. One of the spouses was the Bethel hairdresser and the poor thing was the object of pity the next day as she walked into the dining hall knowing everyone knew and was looking at her with stolen sideways glances. For a young naive Bethelite, it was a real eye opener to me, that this could happen at Bethel. A few months later, all of my months pay was stolen out of my room. ( pretty sure it was our housekeeper who did it). "The truth" never the same for me after that.

    2. In our congregation, there were two young couples who were the best of friends. One of the husbands secretly installed a tiny hidden camera in the bathroom of the other couple and he recorded the other brother's wife in the shower etc.

    Both of these young couples were from prominent JW families. He got caught and boy did it hit the fan when he did. There was a huge rift in the congregation over how it was handled and the mild punishment that was handed down because of who he was. Several families moved, there was a divorce, another family left the"truth" and a lot of people are no longer speaking to each other.

  • joe134cd

    Yup I know of 2 CO couples. One left her Co husband for a regular pioneer. The other case the Co left his wife for a wordly mistress and joined the police force.

  • waton

    locally: Percy Chapman

  • fulano

    A missionary-sister got fed up with her assignment but the husband didn't want to leave the service. So she, one afternoon, just went to a farm and offered herself to the first farmer she met. Well he took her and she confessed.

    I was on the committee but the branch-coördinator called me the morning before the committee ( with a co and a Bethel elder) that under No circumstances she should be disfellowshipped because of the jw reputation in the town where the missionary-home was located. We didn't of course, they were just send back to California. The poor bastard even forgave her.

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