What is the biggest sexual scandal to hit the top of JW tree ?

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  • waton
    ...California. The poor ....... even forgave her. F:

    no doubt out of gratitude, to be California Dreaming again.

  • Finkelstein

    Wouldn't Rutherford who was an adulterer living with his (special female assistant) at Beth Sarim, while being separated from his wife, be the biggest sexual sandal of the JWS organization, after all he was the founding leader of the organization and created the name Jehovah's Witnesses ?

    If not it should be.

  • Hecce

    Another one that come to my mind; there is was a couple serving as Special Pioneers, her single sister was going with them from assignment to assignment. She was a regular pioneer, all a sudden it was discovered that the husband was having relations with his sister in law; the only reason why it came out was because she was pregnant. The affair had been going on for ten years.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill



    There are no scandals in the WBT$/JW Cult.

    Any wrongdoing is an isolated incident or never happened.

    If you don`t agree, you won`t be a JW for much longer.


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  • fulltimestudent

    There's always something to gossip about. ....

    My favourites - as briefly as I can state the details that I knew.

    1. Long ago in Sydney (while I was a young man), a Stuart Edwards was the congregation servant in Sydney Central cong., and also city servant. He was running a financial fiddle , asking brothers to give him their money to invest, with the promise that the WTS would get a proportion of the interest (apparently with the tacit knowledge of the WTS - btw Teddy Jarascz was the Branch Overseer at the time) and he would still pay an above bank interest rate to the investors. Well, of course, the whole thing came unstuck and he was disfellowshipped. His wife divorced him and married one of the Slarke brothers who was later appointed as a Circuit Overseer.

    A brother (whose name escapes me) was appointed as cong. servant in his (Edwards') place, but fast forward some years and this brother leaves his wife and runs away with his wife's sister, the wife of the cong. servant of Granville Congregation.

    Their illicit love affair had been going on for 20 years, but YHWH's holy spirit had never got to learn of their adulterous escapades. (Does the holy spirit go to sleep sometimes?)

    2. North of Sydney, in Brisbane, the sleepy capital of Queensland, a young catholic man, by the name of Vince Mcnee was converted and became a zealous witness. Gifted with the usual glib Irish tongue and charm, he quickly became a pioneer and then Circuit Overseer etc.

    Invited to Gilead, everyone thought he'd have a wonderful career in YHWH's ever-expanding theocratic org. But look!.Halfway through the Gilead course, Vince lands back in Australia in disgrace. Never found out clearly why. Soon pioneering again though and then again on the circuit and then as a district overseer. And, apparently YHWH forgives him again and off to Gilead for a second time. And whaddayaknow he's sacked from Gilead a second time. Still no clarity on what he had done wrong.

    This time it took longer for him to pioneer again and then become an elder etc. But now a hint of what was the possible reason for his sacking twice from Gilead. One day his wife came home early from the field, to find Vince and a younger male friend (a former Sydney Bethel brother) naked in the shower together, with some obvious white substance on their bodies that was not soap. And this time (as far as I know) there was no more (smile) forgiveness.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Come on folks these things don't happen in Jehovahs organization...The hypocrisy.....

  • stuckinarut2

    A CO in Western Australia was having a relationship with a sister for some time...

    Two separate instances in Bethel Australia where the "affairs" were going on for some time before the Hold Spirit woke up to it...

    So it seems that if you progress with more "privileges of service", the HS overlooks things....

  • jambon1

    Always bewildered me that the holly spirit appointed me who were often at the time of appointment wife beaters, child abusers or adulterers.

    Jehovahs spirit is more interested in moving piles of sand for construction projects.

    Priorities man.

  • silentbuddha

    I remember back in the 90s the caretaker for the jersey city assembly hall(their pride and joy) was disfellowshipped for wife swapping and allowing worldly people access to the hall for pictures etc

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