What is the biggest sexual scandal to hit the top of JW tree ?

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  • Finkelstein

    There are many scoundrels and front facing pretentious duel personality people in the JW cult , just like the people who started it with the inclusion of the general public at large .

  • flipper

    The Candace Conti WT child abuse case got a ton of media exposure which let the world in on the WT Society's horrid child abuse policies. In 2002 the Dateline program interview with Barbara Anderson was very exposing of WT's criminal dealings towards abused children. Also a woman accused Ted Jaracz of child abuse towards her when he was a District overseer in California in the L.A. area . Jaracz had been mysteriously removed from being a Zone Overseer I believe in Australia for some " offenses " and shipped back to the U.S. in California where he allegedly committed more " offenses " . He was replaced as Zone Overseer by Lloyd Barry in Australia. This happened in the 1960's I believe.

    This would help explain Jaracz's continued efforts to hinder or stop the early 1990's Awake articles on child abuse that were published finally by the writing committee in the WT Society. Lloyd Barry finally overpowered Jaracz's efforts to stop these articles from being printed as they were both GB members at the time. This is stuff a typical JW is totally unaware of naturally. Another hint at how upset Jaracz got about WT child abuse being exposed was his angry reply after giving a talk at a convention to a reporter when asked about WT child abuse. There's a you tube showing this Jaracz - reporter altercation.

    No doubt it's a high possibility that one reason the WT Society has refused to release the Database file of 23,000 known pedophiles to the Superior courts in San Diego is that it would reveal higher up WT officials up on top of the WT " tree " whose names would get exposed as child molesters in the past and then WT Society would have to answer WHY these men were allowed to stay in high positions of power as WT leaders to authorities. Which might provoke the interest of federal agents of the U.S. government getting involved and then it would be " ballgame over " for WT Society's real estate and money scamming schemes. Of course this is only a theory I have as to the WT Society's willingness to keep paying fines for not revealing the Database file. We will see what happens. I truly hope someday bad Karma comes and bites these WT leaders in the ass. They deserve it. They run a criminal organization. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • ToesUp

    " I truly hope someday bad Karma comes and bites these WT leaders in the ass."

    I am a firm believer in Karma. I have witnessed it over and over in my lifetime. People who hurt others eventually get caught. They get comfortable with getting away with it and eventually slip up. It's coming for WT. WT will never go away. They are re branding but their past is coming back to bite em (i.e. denying 1975 was ever promoted by WT). There are recordings of these talks and they are online. Kim and Mike have a new You Tube with all the recordings (at the end of their You Tube). WT can run but can't hide.

  • Finkelstein

    I think Flipper hit the nail on the head in that the irresponsible and careless hiding and covering over of instances of child sexual abuse within the JWS organization over all is the biggest sexual scandal that exists within the JWS

    It certainly is the most egregiously harmful and scandalous .

  • tiki

    And they tout such high moral standards.....hypocrites....

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    But guys.... it's all about making the best out of an "imperfect" organization.

    I've heard Alexandra James from JWvictims.org say this before: "I've known a lot of imperfect men in my time. But this... this isn't imperfect. This is SICK."


    I totally agree with Mr. Flipper, if theres nothing to hide then why keep paying the fines and avoiding handing over

    the information on the database.

    I would not be surprised if they try and destroy as much evidence as possible in case it does eventually come out.

    But I really really hope that it all comes out, sooner rather than later !!

  • Hecce

    What is the biggest sexual scandal to hit the top of JW tree ?

    With a closer reading of the title, focusing in the "top of JW tree"; speaking just from reading about some of it:


    Rutherford Russell and their adventures.


    Barbara Anderson's revelations about child abuse.

    Greenless and Chitty within the GB.

    Bethel wife swapping the 1950s.

    I am sure that there are many more.

  • pale.emperor

    Wasn't there a gay member of the GB back in the Ray Franz days that "stepped down" when a boy reported him?

  • wozza

    Her's a couple of my experiences from years ago in Adelaide South Australia :

    The Fulham Gardens congo which had alot of Italian families was closed completely after many decades as there was 40 years of sexual impropriety amongst the leaders - so much for holy spirit appointing the elders . I don't know though what the "official " reason for the closing was.

    A book study conductor elder of the group I was in had to confess to having sex with the best friend of his wife after several years when the friend confessed years later ,he was appointed after he had sex with her - again the holy spirit is'nt to fussy.

    Oh ok another......early one morning while working on a building site in the city of Adelaide I saw the city overseer leaving a building which was known as a brothel - did I tell the brothers ? hell no he was also a lawyer and the JW scales were falling off a little bit at a time.

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