How Affected By Jehovah’s Witness News Are You At This Point In Your Life?

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  • Spiral

    Personally not at all, but I do keep an eye out for "new light" and changes, because we still have family in and we need to know what's going on. Although, I don't know why, because most of the time they don't talk to us (especially the last few months) unless they need something. I do have a couple of longtime friends that are still JW, but they seem to know not to chat about "kingdom news" with me.

    @Magnum, I hear you. It's tough in the job market when you're 50+, and if you have no college, it makes it worse. The bOrg cost our generation a ton of money and opportunity. THAT'S part of why I keep up, it makes me feel better to see the craziness exposed.

  • Dagney

    I'm interested in what is happening to the corporation, lawsuits etc. and just somewhat in doctrine change.

    Left 18 years ago, but it still affects me with family in, and exJW friends with family in. Been meeting new exJW's also which keeps the discussion current.

  • LongHairGal


    I’m out many years and have no family there. My only interest is seeing the religion exposed and humiliated because of their arrogance and unaccountability.


    I can only imagine how much you hate the JW religion and you’re not alone. It’s not easy earning a living. I’m sure you are sickened at the amount of money some young people make. But, somebody once told me: don’t count anybody else’s money or do an inventory of other people’s possessions. Just do the best YOU can each day. I hope you get a break because you deserve it. Good luck.

  • Vidiot
    Tiki - “...the downward spiral is interesting on some level...”

    Yeah, in a slow-motion trainwreck kinda way. 😁

    Honesty, despite how much I understand why the Org makes the decisions they do...

    ...more and more these days, I still catch myself asking - gobsmacked - “WTF? Are they crazy, or just plain stoopid???”

  • minimus

    I do like finding out any major changes including doctrinal. I was surprised when they changed thoughts on the faithful and discreet slave...again. That was major and you barely heard a peep from the Witnesses

  • zeb

    Magnum see to PM.

  • punkofnice
    How Affected By Jehovah’s Witness News Are You At This Point In Your Life?

    I don't give a monkeys really. Because I was a jobo all my life, I feel a bit interested....not much. I have jobo family, so there is that.

    The Zalkin thing interests me. I don't think we'll hear much about it's effect on the gluttonous paedophile protecting govbod....but hey. We live, we die, we are not as important as we'd like to think. In a 100 years from now we'll all be forgotten.

  • Theonlyoneleft

    I am as my family still follows this mambo jambo.

    after a visit and spending time with them I realised that they are quite happy living this way.

    I joined this site to hear others stories, to tell mine and to learn a little about things that I never came to understand. It’s part of my past, unfortunately still part of my present.

    But it’s slowly becoming irrelevant as I understand that my JWs family are TOTALLY devoted and leaving would leave them adrift in the world, worse off that they are now.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Being out for over 8 years now with a son and family that are a year out I still have a interest in whats happening in the borg. My son is working with another x-jw on a facebook page. For me somedays I am interested and other days I am not. Like minimus I like hearing changes in their teachings, money grabbing and the how the law is closing in on them for child abuse.

    Recently I am coming to terms with my background as a jw and I realize it will always be a part of me. So I am using the positive things from my experience. As they say try to make lemonade out of lemons. Still Totally ADD

  • benny

    I am still physically in or PIMO as we say. My wife can see nothing bad about this org, I am very frustrated because and afraid of being branded an apostate and lose touch with some family. I simply sit at the meetings and grin [grimace] and bear it. I feel for any one going through this or suffering because what they have experienced.

    I feel for you Magnum.

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