How Affected By Jehovah’s Witness News Are You At This Point In Your Life?

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  • minimus

    I’ve been out for many many years. I still like to know the latest JW news although I find myself not as excited by things.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Not very but as long as I have family members in the borg it still impacts me a bit.

  • Tameria2001

    The only reason I pay any attention to it is that I have a few relatives who are stubbornly sticking to it.

  • rickroll

    I watch as much as I can get and my wife wants nothing more to do with them. She does not want to hear anything. I am hoping to see some dramatic reduction in JW numbers over the next few years.

  • millie210

    I always read it so I can marvel at what a bunch of busywork it all is.

  • JeffT

    Zero impact, but I do find some items interesting. Mostly I'm glad I got out a long time ago.

  • minimus

    It seems that the Organization will always try to act as if they are above the law. They are always going to be like Pharisees. They will pretend to care and have love and still demoralize people within their ranks because you will never be doing enough.

  • Magnum

    EXTREMELY affected. I was a 110% JW (even though I had some doubts and a lot of things didn't make complete sense) for three decades (from mid twenties to mid fifties). I gave up everything for it - jobs, job opportunities, education opportunities, etc. I lived in lowly conditions (two different travel trailers, a barn (literally), a warehouse, a basement, a garage (with no bathroom), etc. I have put in as much as 140 hrs in field service in a single month in extreme heat and humidity. I've stayed up all night tending to JW stuff. My wife and I suffered and sacrificed greatly. About twenty years ago, she got pneumonia. Our living conditions were uncomfortable and my wife justifiably griped "I can't even enjoy having pneumonia!" She was not joking. That was indicative of the kind of lives we had. Getting sick was about the only thing that gave us a break from the drudgery, monotony, & misery our daily JW lives. We actually enjoyed getting sick.

    Every single day of my life now I am slapped in the face by my having been a JW. I see friends retiring. One actually retired about six years ago at 54 years old. He makes a lot more in retirement than my wife and together make working full time. We just survive financially. We never planned for any kind of career or retirement because "this world" wasn't supposed to go past 1994 when the "generation" expired. We both just did mostly odd jobs, temp work, etc., just trying to survive so we could "put the Kingdom first".

    I spend time every single day now looking for work. I have a job, but it's out of town, and it's very low paying with no benefits. My non-JW friends have tried to help me find work. The one who retired at 54 (as a federal probation officer) told me I could use him as a reference and he sings my praises. We were in the first grade together and even took some college classes together, so he knows me well. Another friend who was also in the first grade with me also sings my praises and has gotten me two interviews. Both of the people I talked with during the interviews, in effect, told me they didn't want to hire anybody my age.

    My wife and I are both sickened every single day as we hear how much money people half our ages make and we think about how we missed out and were screwed royally. About the only thing I can do now is be a security guard.

    Also, my own family members, with whom my wife and I were once very close, now look at us as if we have leprosy. You know how it is; if one leaves JWdom, he's either weak or evil (or a combination of the two). I have no relationship with own blood and kin.

    So, I eagerly watch out for and anticipate JW news. I want the org to crash and burn, and I want JWs to have to face what I have faced - the real truth.

    P.S. Please remember that some of you might not have been that affected by JWdom because you didn't give up jobs, were not in the full-time ministry, etc. If so, I understand how you might have moved on. Please, though, try to understand my position. I can't just move on and start over, planning for retirement, etc. I don't have time.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    We disassociated about six years ago and my husband was indifferent before that. But i was way more involved the whole time we were "in" (since 1985) and feel like i'm still peeling away layers of mind control. There are days that I never think about it now, so that seems like a lot of healing has been accomplished.

    I've learned a lot about myself since leaving the cult, like how i don't really need all the stuff and silly crap that i used to believe was needed.

    I was happy about the ARC and now looking forward to the civil lawsuits coming up. I enjoy reading and watching anti-JW activism. If I can be helpful to others seeking info, or disentangling themselves, then it's very satisfying.

  • tiki

    Well.....I keep tabs via this website. On one hand I do not care one whit...but after 40 some odd years inveigled I feel like I want to see how they continue...and the downward spiral is interesting on some level. The religion is not the one I was raised in...and it angers me that so many of us lost so many good years of our lives to foolishness. What they present today seems just plain useless and pathetically stupid. But...people like comfort zones and apparently there is a cross section of humanity that finds that comfort in this particular cult.

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