Stop harassing jws

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  • EverApostate
    Stop harassing jws

    My wife is still a JW,. I take every opportunity to make her think to get out of the cult. When any JW bump on to me with their nonsense, I eagerly participate to sow the seeds of truth in them, respectfully.

    Just think about the number of children who were blindly sacrificed for the CULTS no blood doctrine. I personally know a JW who let his 10 month daughter die, refusing a plasma transfusion.

    Now revisit your title.

  • OrphanCrow

    I think people have to stop telling other people what to do and how to behave

    Terry is to be commended for his calm, rational and stalwart stand he took. Well done. And how many years did it take for him to arrive at that calm, rational, quietly mature (well done!) place where he could do that?

    Ah yes...tell all those dissatisfied and confused and hurting exJWs that they must stay quiet - stuff all that hurt and anger - own that hurt and anger, don't release it. Not until you are mature and smart and calm and all those wonderful things that an exJW who has been out for years and years can display.

    Right. (*sarcasm)

    I don't support that view

    I say shout out your pain. Shout out your hurt. Shout out your anger

    From the rooftops. From the bridges. From the mountain peaks and beyond

    Leave that rational, mature, calm approach for those ex-elders who have the aplomb, smarts and emotional surety to do so. Good for them. They have done their deprogramming and they are strong, smart and healthy. They will score high on their 'spiritual' and moral evaluations when they aren't scoring all the rest of you - like they have always done.

  • carla

    The day jw's stop harassing people at their doors, on the streets, train stations, cruising obituary notices, etc... and leave the rest of us the hell alone and quit sexually abusing their children, sending pedophiles to knock on our doors, allow the members to decide for themselves if they choose to live or die by blood or lack thereof, stop the ungodly shunning family destroying policies, generally go away into the backround of life, then and only then will people leave the jw's alone.

    Once again the jw's ask what they are not willing to do themselves.

  • EverApostate


    Exactly... You nailed it

  • sparrowdown

    Pomo - phew so glad you haven't made any rules about it.

    Also define "harassing" just so I know which one I 'm not supposed to do when I encounter the cart people from my town that have positioned themselves so conveniently for in your face recruitment purposes.

    1) beside an ATM - so subtle

    2)smack dab in the middle of a walking/cycling track complete with folding chairs - did I mention on the track - so considerate

    3)in the centre of the eating area of the outdoor mall - so appetite spoiling.

  • redpilltwice

    Pomo, I haven't read all the comments, so excuse me if things already have been said, but...

    Yes, there are limits to activism but let's not forget the WT's infamous history of aggressive preaching methods and virulent attacks on big business, politics and religion (particularly the Catholic Church, Rutherford anyone?). And what about targeting family of deceased persons by reading obituaries and writing letters to them (probably complete strangers most of the time) that promise a ressurection?

    Also, there ARE people waking up because of what they hear from the mouth of "apostates" infiltrating their meetings! Under "I'm Worldly"s video #74 I found this comment from YouTube user Truth Seeker who said to JWPrimetime (who was the guy who toasted at -the generation of 1914- at the memorial 2016):

    That was so offensive!!!! Especially the "God is gay" part lol... say what!? I realize that part was just a dare... lol... but yeah... I could not get that out of my mind then suddenly it hit me... You were right.... the generation of 1914 is DEAD... Now I am awake, free and happier than ever! [bold mine].

    I'm really happy reading this! This method WAS effective in his case!

    JW's have always used different methods in order to make their preaching more effective...they endured persecution because they believed it was "truth". When it's NOT the truth, it also takes different methods to break through the cult's self deception/cognitive dissonance and expose the WT's brainwashing tactics and dark and hidden secrets.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    My 74 year old mom has been a JW since 1970. They don't much use carts in small town Alabama. She just started regular pioneering. I wish she wouldn't. I encourage her to Pioneer, as she always wanted, UNLESS it stops being enjoyable or she gets tired.

    I understand some in the exJW community being frustrated. But screaming at people at the carts? If it was my mom manning a cart, and I watched you scream at her, I WOULD PUNCH YOU IN THE MOUTH.

    What good does it do to scream at people? I yell at my 16 year old and I may as well be screaming in my head.. LOL.

    Seriously, we just feed their persecution mindset and PROVE that "apostates" are crazy, and that is what happens when "you leave Jehovah (tm)

    Think about it.

    Snakes (Rich)

  • Simon

    The only times it is OK to confront and debate someone about beliefs is when they are in the public arena trying to push them. That means they either come to your door (which means they call once every 2+ years at a time when most people are out) or, increasingly, you see them stood near to carts.

    If you can challenge their beliefs and plant a seed that they can think about, it's worth doing so. Don't expect them to walk away shouting "I renounce the WTS and all the stand for!" because you're not that convincing. But you might be able to impart some information and especially if you do it in a friendly, jovial way, they can't unhear it.

    The key is that you are aiming to help them, not "hurt the WTS" or make them look or feel stupid or try an pin the faults of the WTS on them as an individual.

    Anyone who is harassing them - making them feel threatened, is doing it wrong. Don't do that. But making them slightly uncomfortable by challenging their beliefs so they know they don't have the answers might be just what they need.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower


    *prolonged slow clapping*

    Sounds like you might be suffering from Parkinson disease, I recommend you see a doctor.

  • sparrowdown

    Punkofnice - don't keep your gob shut I like reading your opinion.

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