Stop harassing jws

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I don't agree with the barging in of a KH or shouting at cart drones.

    I do think however that a respectful discussion with cart people can do a lot of good and so would never discourage it.

    Even those that may shout at them I'm not that concerned enough to tell them to stop and it is true they may accomplish very little and in fact have a very reverse effect than intended. The religious fanatics they want to preach some religious dogma they espouse while the jubs are at their meetings or conventions also has no effect whatsoever. I just look at it as coming with the territory of their door to door activity and have a very so what attitude.

  • scratchme1010
    We want people to learn TTATT.

    This is a very, very bad assumption. I cannot care less about any JW, including my own family, learning TTATT. Some of us, as I have said many times, are quite done with trying to save people from something, and also wanting to leave the WT and all the Jehovah crap as far from our lives as possible. Aside from this forum, I don't even think about anything JW nor about anything related to my JW past. And I like it that way.

    I do agree that some people are not exactly sensitive or tactful when dealing with JWs. However, people are going to do what they are set to do. Also, some ex-JWs are still under several degrees of influence from the WT. Some still want to argue and discuss doctrine. My position on that is that they themselves are still in the process of sorting their own path. Some people love to show people that they are wrong, and some, very well intended, may not have the life skills necessary to deal with brainwashed people.

    A good example is this very forum. A lot of people go on and on and on about how much they talk and research and discuss the WT teachings with the JWs, and neglect to see, understand or accept that the whole thing is more than just what they have in their printed material.

    Also, there are some people who have been abused, deceived, mistreated and treated unfairly by them, and they are perfectly entitled to be angry and express such anger.

    I am nobody to tell people how to behave (other than my own immediate family, and that's done in a loving way). I disagree with the way some people act and do things, but I am no one to tell them that the way they are dealing with things should change. For example, I didn't like the idea of the protest, but I didn't oppose nor did I criticize whoever decided to organize and carry on with it.

    Your own recommendations still deny important aspects of where JWs are. Telling them things is NOT going to work since REASONING, learning, nor logic are what keeps them JWs.

    As I always opine and recommend when asked, look for the real reasons why JWs joined and stayed JWs. You will find that many times it has absolutely nothing with the WT teachings.

  • just fine
    just fine

    People get to have their own viewpoints and live their own life now that they are out of the cult. I might not confront every JW I see, but if someone else feels the need to, it’s not up to me to decide what’s right or wrong for the whole wrold anymore. Plus the JWs do come to peoples houses to tell people they will die if they don’t join the witnesses, so I don’t feel too bad for a little confrontation. No violence though.

  • venus

    To JWs coming to me I always say: "Religion must be chosen after you are mature enough to do so--may be in the second half of your life, after making enough observations." This is implied in the famous verse of Jesus:

    "By their fruit you will recognize them"--Mathew 7:16

    Then I put a question to them: If you really follow Jesus, what you will do first?

    Jesus defied/rejected the Scriptures of his time, and appealed to each one's conscience--Mathew 7:12

  • venus

    My own twin sister who is a zealous JW stopped preaching to me when I asked her this question:

    If God is able to listen to the prayers of billions of people (as all religions teach), then it must equally be easy for God to communicate with all people simultaneously. Without going for such an easy option, why does He use people like you to communicate with other people?

  • Drearyweather
    However, I've noted some radical methods that have been used by fellow exjws, and quite frankly, this must stop

    Most of these radical methods are just to vent their anger on the JW's and not an attempt to reason with them.

    Shouting at JW near carts, Protesting near KH's and Bethels, etc. may make an ex-JW feel good and may give him a way to vent his anger. But he needs to remember that instead of waking up a JW, he will have pushed ten more doubting JW's back deeper into the cult.

  • pomo6780

    To clarify. This post was not for those here who are trying to reason around what I said, which they are entitled to do. Everyone differs in opinion.

    What the point of this post is this: When you harrass jws, cult that damages people, why the hell damage them in return? That's like pulling a child out of an abusive household and once you'e adopted that child, you remind him of his abuse. Does that make sense?

    And on children, I fully agree that children are children and are not yet developed properly. But oh my, could I go on. Children aren't stupid. I literally remember seeing hypocrisy and connected the dots. They may be developing, but the human brain develops at different rates per human. I think it's fair to say we'd never want to see our children become jws at any age. I think the cruel thing is making them believe they have to wait til the age of consent until they can join a religion, then when you get to that point you still express your disapproval and try to keep them living with you for as long as possible. Let them grow up as their own people I say.

    A double post? How has this harassed or upset anyone here? I was condemning abusive and manipulative exjws. Anyone offended are either abusers themselves or sympathisers. There are many here who are against this like I am as some comments have shown.

    Nevertheless, I am not angry. In Spock's own words, "Emotion... highly illogical".

  • smiddy3

    If God is able to listen to the prayers of billions of people (as all religions teach), then it must equally be easy for God to communicate with all people simultaneously. Without going for such an easy option, why does He use people like you to communicate with other people?

    Good point Venus ,and I don`t think anything more can be added to that statement it sums it up completely !

  • pomo6780

    Humanity is lost when people attack others for no reason. Complete strangers confronting others is not normal. Complete strangers approaching, yes. There is a difference. I do not agree with being angry or causing a scene at a jw cart. You could in the UK be causing an offence to Public Order. I did research officially and yes, the police in the UK would view it as an offence. Also recording others without their consent and posting online with the intent of harming their reputation is an offence. It is a violation of privacy. You may have a right to film in public, but no right to use videos without a specific person's consent.

    To all irate and abusive exjws. Don't you go round giving this community a bad name. We're here to educate and support damaged people. We don't want you here if you carry on misrepresenting us as a community. Sorry to sound jw in this way.

  • jookbeard

    I never miss a chance to speak with them at a cart, never, only last week I had an in depth discussion with two ladies at a cart situated outside a local railway station, I focused on the recent BBC news item on more child abuse cover ups, they naturally responded with their stock excuses, I was able to tie their argumentation up in knots, who knows how it left them.

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