ExJW responsible for calling the police at the Warwick protest, NOT Watchtower

by Diogenesister 22 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Londo111

    Plenty of JWs, especially elders, end up "fighting" each other.

    There was nothing to "get away" from, expect information, especially in regard the safety of children in the JW organization.

    Even though I disagree with the method, the protests were peaceful. JWs were safe from the protestors.

  • Listener

    Leonardo Bonacci has taken down his video. I was going to post a Youtube of a recording made by Youtuber, Bridget Azaz. It looks like she stayed for the whole meeting and was escorted out by police afterwards.

    At around the 4 minute mark, after the ex JWs have left, the Elder makes two jokes about the interruptions and has the congregation laughing. That's how much he and the congregation felt about the horrible testimonies presented just minutes before.

    Anyway, I wanted to post it on Leonardo's Youtube as he seemed quite concerned that the JWs were being frightened.


  • Listener

    I think the above Youtube Kingdom Hall crash is different to the one that was done on the 5th November but there's no reason to think that the JWs reaction would not have been the same.

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