"Just have faith in Jehovah..."

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  • tepidpoultry

    I think that what Dennett (above) is saying has an application to JWS but

    not to the majority,

    There are a lot of thinking people no doubt,

    But what are they willing to give up in order to be free?

    It took me many years to release from my long standing marriage,

    A relationship with my adult children and grandchildren,

    I chose freedom because I couldn't stand to surround myself anymore

    with the wrong that ruled my entire life,

    And remain silent anymore,

    And if I spoke up my family would silence me,

    Nice choice huh?

    But I am at peace now for the first time,


  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I watched two You Tube vids this week. Both guys were baptized young, pioneered, went to Bethel. Both woke up and left in these last few years.

    One (his name is V for fifth) had a few friends that left the Borg, they didn't even say THAT much to him (not like the WT wants you to believe) but he really liked them, looked up to them. Afters years, and things here & there....He had a conscience moment, during a WT study... He left... Those things people said, those events stuck with him, in the back of his brain...

    The one who left before him, was actually one of his brothers in Bethel! That he looked up to. Things didn't add up for "Apollos" either.. He visited this website, where Blondies use of WT quotes, and scriptures helped him.. and then he found JWfacts, with all the WT quotes, and "the light got brighter"..

    Both took a few years for the facts to sink in, and leave. Now? Gone for good!

    I say thx to Simon, Blondie, and all contributors here, you have made a difference!

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