"Just have faith in Jehovah..."

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  • tepidpoultry

    "If ever they are threatened

    We will quickly sound alarm!!"

    1950s Soviet Union


    What kind of wonderful thing do you have there partner

    So much so

    That you have to keep people from escaping?


  • evilApostate
    I think that this is a no win situation
    But I think that insight as to what is going on could be helpful
    His responses as you've described were not spontaneous
    They were rehearsed
    JWS constantly prepare for every encounter
    He probably approached an elder
    And they worked on those responses together,
    I would just leave them alone
    It sounds like you gave it your all the first time
    But they suffer from bullet proof brain syndrome
    Everything bounces off

    It did seem strange. When I had revealed TTATT he seemed shocked and he couldn't even say a thing to defend his faith. Now, he seems to be able to articulate himself to a certain extent, even though his reasoning is still flawed as **ck. He probably spoke to the elders. They must have reinforced his brainwashing. Sigh...

    I feel sad for him and angry at the same time...

  • tepidpoultry

    I have to say that it was worse for me as it was my family,

    I knew that JW was terribly wrong for many years,

    But, as I'm older, I felt that the best thing to do was shut up and stick

    It out until I dIed,

    But I just couldn't do it it anymore,

    So I stopped,

    Had to move to get away from them too,

    But I had come up with all sorts of reasoning that maybe one of of them

    could understand my thinking, my rationale for leaving,

    One I remember is showing how they took out the brackets in the new

    "Silver Sword Bible" in order to add to Scripture without anyone knowing,

    They train themselves to thought block potential "doubts" as such

    thoughts are from "evil" temptation from the Devil,

    The brain washing begins with the ORG and what's left they finish


    That's how I see it anyway,

    I sincerely wish you more success than I've had,



  • atomant

    Many jw;s have serious doubts about their religion but stay in just in case harmageddon takes place.

  • tepidpoultry

    Atomant: it sounds very much like JWs have their very own Pascal's

    Wager going on!

    I say face your (not you) fears

    Get your life back!

    Or perhaps a safer approach would be to invest a little time,

    and prove to yourself that they're full of crap,

    Of course,

    As outside research carries a death sentence

    There's a bit of a catch 22 there as well,

    I tend to think that sanity is an invaluable asset though


  • atomant

    Tepid pultry l spoke with my sister last week and she has been slacking off ( not going to meetings) ,l asked her why she bothers with the truth and her comment was (lm scared).Scared of what l asked.?Her comment was(lm scared that if armageddon comes she will die. Sad isnt it?

  • evilApostate
    Tepid pultry l spoke with my sister last week and she has been slacking off ( not going to meetings) ,l asked her why she bothers with the truth and her comment was (lm scared).Scared of what l asked.?Her comment was(lm scared that if armageddon comes she will die. Sad isnt it?

    Even if it was the truth, it would be pointless to serve Jokehova half spiritedly. You would still be destroyed for being lukewarm.

    Rev 3:15,16 - I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm--neither hot nor cold--I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

    So, even though there is no Armageddon coming, if it was coming she would get destroyed for being lukewarm. Therefore, she is gaining nothing from forcing herself to continue.

    I think that personal honesty is important. Even though, I am now agnostic, there was a time when I still believed in the bible and Watchtower to a certain extent. Back then I told myself that if I couldn't serve Jokehova wholeheartedly, then it was pointless. Today I can say that I am happy I had the courage to accept that. I no longer believe that Armageddon is coming or that the world is going to end or any other crazy things. I only accept facts and I do not worry about the unknowable.

    When we die, we will all know if god exists or not. It's pointless to worry about which religion is the right one especially when they all may be wrong. Just live and be the best that you can be in life.

  • scratchme1010

    Like, is he braindead?

    They are not braindead, they are brainwashed.

    Now you can see how the WT is a negative influence in people. If you have another opportunity to talking to him, try a different tactic. A brainwashed, severely indoctrinated person may not react unless you address their feelings. Try inquiring about what really keeps him a JW, instead of trying to reason with him. You may get a different reaction if you look into what is that the WT brings to his life that gives him comfort.

  • WTWizard

    Why have faith in a lousy god that is simply determined to enslave the whole human race? People had faith in the cat lick church, which is run by the same god that runs the jokehovian witlesses and all other xian, jewish, and muslim religions and denies its subjects so many pleasures under false promise of something better after death and damnation if you partake. And look what they got? The Dark Ages, Part 1. That happened without microchips, without global surveillance, without any United Nations. And it took 1,000 years to get out from under it that time.

    Today, we can have faith in this same monster. Whether you have faith through jokehovianism, through another xian religion, through islam, or through judaism, or even directly through communism itself, the results are the same. Mass enslavement of the whole population. Brutal conditions. Torture as punishment for even minor disobedience. And, this time, I have faith that joke-hova is not pussyfooting around. With microchips and global surveillance, there will be no way out of it. Ever again. Anyone that tries will immediately be found and tortured and slaughtered, and it will never free the human race again. Never again will science be able to do anything. Never again will a simple concept that the earth may be a globe instead of shaped like a record where you can fall off the edge arise--just thinking it will get you rounded up and slaughtered by torture.

    Now, if joke-hova did this to a degree once before, and is getting ready to do it again (this time, all the way and forever), why have faith in that thing to get anything else right? Everything that joke-hova does is to advance this agenda--just look at the 2030 Agenda to get a preview of what life will be like at the beginning of this, with roundups and torture used to force people into it. Joke-hova will never do anything that is not consistent with this objective. Ever.

  • tepidpoultry

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