"Just have faith in Jehovah..."

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  • evilApostate

    I recently spoke to an old friend of mine who is still under the clutches of the Watchtower. A while back, I had told him about all the child sex abuse coverups, false prophecies, false doctrines etc. He was really shocked and surprised. He didn't know what to say. He was unaware of any of it.

    Now, I met him again while out doing some shopping. At first he tried to dodge me so he wouldn't have to speak to me, but I called him out. I asked him how he was doing and the like. Eventually, I asked him what he had decided to do, if he was going to stay.

    Surprisingly, he said that he "could not turn his back on Jehovah." He also said that, just because the F&D slave makes mistakes that doesn't mean that this isn't "the Truth". He also said that the media is lying on the Watchtower. Then, he told me that I should "come back to Jehovah". I almost laughed in his face. He said that, we should "just have faith in Jehovah." Like, is he braindead? He finished off by saying that he could no longer talk to me until I "come to my senses."

    Why are Jdubs so effing brain dead? Sometimes, I believe that they have a mental disorder.


    Sometimes, I believe that they have a mental disorder.

    They do..

    It`s called 'WatchTarded"..

  • freddo

    "Like, is he braindead?"

    No. He is frightened.

  • tepidpoultry

    Not brain dead

    Brain washed

    He's in a cult

    I'm sure you know who Tom Cruise is

    He's in another cult


  • Crazyguy

    They don't want to loose thier tribe.

  • tepidpoultry
  • cha ching
    cha ching

    You never know, evilApostate....

    What you have initiated with your friend just may help them in the future, when they have a personal experience. So many have had this happen.

    Since Jdubs are conditioned, programmed to reply like robots... i.e.

    " just because the F&D slave makes mistakes that doesn't mean that this isn't "the Truth","

    that will be the automatic reply, like when you pull the trigger on a rifle, you EXPECT the bullet to come zipping out. Their brains are LOADED with bullets.... They are 'semi-automatics' so to speak ;-)

    However, in the future, something will happen to them, and their automatic triggering system will get jammed.

    Things start adding up, and sometimes, they remember, and escape!

  • tepidpoultry

    I think that this is a no win situation

    But I think that insight as to what is going on could be helpful

    His responses as you've described were not spontaneous

    They were rehearsed

    JWS constantly prepare for every encounter

    He probably approached an elder

    And they worked on those responses together,

    I would just leave them alone

    It sounds like you gave it your all the first time

    But they suffer from bullet proof brain syndrome

    Everything bounces off


  • Skepsis

    That was my reasoning for years and many are thinking that way. But then, there's something that awakens you. For me it was a conversation with a sister with doubts.

    Day after day she was sending me info about child abuse inside the Org and doubts about prophecies. Don't know if she knows the TTATT. Can't ask her because I'm still inside and don't know how she would react.

    By how she speaks in public with JWs, she seems a believer at least to a certain degree.

  • schnell
    Does a god who demands or rewards credulity deserve worship?

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