Letter to be read at meeting this week about the downsize

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  • dropoffyourkeylee
    A family member who is a Bethelite informed me today that there is a letter to be read soon ( this week or next) concerning the downsizing. So probably someone who has their midweek meeting early in the week will be able to fill in the details.
  • flipper
    I haven't attended in about 13 years- but this will be HUGE if this downsizing is announced at regular congregation meetings. Oh of course the fanatic JW's will still make excuses for it like " getting more service time in " etc. - however- many JW's that are doubting the WT leaders sincerity at present will wonder WTF ? It will make them nervous and as all good JW's do- they will start talking among themselves about the cutbacks creating a self inflicting rumor mill of paranoia running around on the Internet, jw.org , blogs, tweeting, texting . I can see the rumor mill getting ready to amp up any day now. If you are a JW - it's what you do - gossip and spread rumors
  • Finkelstein

    " The Great Tribulation has started , Armageddon is just around the corner "

    Praise Jah , praise Jah

  • sir82

    but this will be HUGE if this downsizing is announced at regular congregation meetings.

    As HUGE as the reaction to the news of reducing the Awake to once a month, as HUGE as the announcement it was cut to 16 pages, as HUGE as the announcement it was cut to 6 months a year?

    As HUGE as the reaction to the news of no more book studies in private homes?

    As HUGE as the reaction to the announcement that you can contribute via ATM at assemblies?

    as HUGE as the announcement that KH loans are forgiven, only to be replaced by infinite demanded monthly contributions?

    As HUGE as....aww, you get the picture.

    Surely you know that any news will not be viewed as HUGE - it will be viewed as "Jehovah blessing the organization", "the chariot moving forward", or some other folderol.

    Nobody will care.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    '' We must be ready to obey any instructions we receive, whether the seem strategic from a human standpoint or not''

    The GT is beginning you don't need your material possessions any longer!!!

    Sell everything you have, including your houses, and send ALL of your proceeds to the WBTS, and obey!!!

  • Simon
    They have to announce things now - JWs will learn all the news on the internet and if the WTS doesn't announce it, they will appear to be hiding things/
  • sporece

    The society can do no wrong and since it's coming from GB Jehovah is backing them up.

    Jehovah knows what is doing...check his record of the last 140 years dealing the people he picked.

    And that's what every JW verbally has to confess....down deep in their hearts they know it"s a load of crap. .

  • flipper
    SIR 82- What I meant by HUGE wasn't that it will cause the JW's to change- however - it will get them to talking about the layoffs in a way that might get them to thinking with their non-cult minds if just for a minute causing some angst within themselves . I mean hell- if the child abuse lawsuits haven't changed them I don't think this will - but JW's love them a good rumormongering . So it will be huge in that it gets them talking about it all over the planet. I believe that is what I meant
  • St George of England
    St George of England

    The letter was published on here a while ago. Probably WiFiBandit or similar. We always hear first!


  • Finkelstein

    Well i guess it was just a matter of time when Jah had to send down some his accountants from heaven to straighten things out.

    Cant trust a mortal to do anything right.

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