New movie "Spotlight" coming out - child abuse cover-ups

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  • Dagney

    Okay I just watched this movie last night. Just wow.

    After what we have all witnessed with the Royal Commission, this movie hits home more than ever. You see again how children's lives are expendable, and people don't matter...only the organization...just like WBTS.

    I remember talking with Barbara Anderson years ago about the other cases we never will know about. She said the same thing that was said in the movie...people will settle for a few thousand dollars just to offset medical bills or any bills really in exchange for secrecy. So their other friends, congregation members never know what is going on as they continue life as usual right along side a predator.

    I highly recommend this movie.

  • Giordano

    I saw it as well............ good acting and an important story. It's a good movie for demonstrating how the church was able to shut down investigations by moving priests to other locations and telling parents that the Priest was going to 'get help for his problem'.

    There were police officers and even people at the Newspaper who pushed loyalty for the Church over investigating that crime.

  • smiddy

    I highly recommend this movie also ,surprising how much like the Catholic Church Jehovah`s Witnesses are in covering up and refusing to put the victims of abuse as there main priority and concern above there own image.


  • eyeuse2badub

    My 'still-in' wife and I went to see it together. I loved the movie for both the acting and the content. On the way home from the movie I mentioned that the same expose' was happening within other churches including wtbts. Silence but ttatt.

    just saying!


  • Gayle
    I was amazed "Spotlight" won the 2016 Academy Awards for Best Movie last night!! I think it really verifies that people are not going to put up with religion. They aren't going to unquestion religion anymore! They are not going to let 'religion' hurt people anymore. More will listen to the similarity of the Watchtower organization who has covered up the disgusting pedophile issue in the organization. Also, exposure about their stance on "shunning" and how the the WT is splitting up families and the people will have utter disgust for the whole
  • 4thgen
    We rented the movie over the weekend. As everyone has said on this is an excellent movie. It was also very affirming...Watching the reporters struggle with their own disillusionment with the Catholic church was very cathartic for me. There was a scene in the movie where the two reporters were discussing their personally coming to grips with the failure of the Church ...It was trigger for me and brought up all the feelings that I dealt with through my ordeal with the WTBTS. Although it dredged up old emotions, it was also very reaffirming. If you have dealt with an religious abuse this movie!.

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