AGM 2015: "New Light"

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  • Londo111

    I could only manage to watch the part of the antitypical “Babylonian Exile” not being from 1914-1919, but from “some time in the second century” to 1919.

    For the interest on keeping tabs what family and former friends are being taught...what other “new light” was given? Specifically, what is the “new light” in regard “the mark”?

  • eyeuse2badub

    The "current truth" is that "the mark" is-----"$$$".

    For further information on how YOU can, not receive "the mark" but can actually give "the mark", please contact the WTBTS. Acts 20:35 'better to give that to receive"

    Warm Christian Love, your Brothers

    Governing Body

    just saying!


  • sparrowdown

    With regards to the whole "Baylonian Exile" thing, to me it sounded supsiciously like priming. I have noticed over the years, that they make a point of setting up some tenuous Bible precedent in answer to a question no one was asking in the lead up to a more major adjustment and prior to actual announcement -( sorry if that's hard to follow.)

    Which caused me to wonder what adjustment or announcement was coming in the future that depends upon this "adjustment."

  • Tenacious
    @ sparrowdown - 1914. The silent message was printed in the revised NWT Bible.
  • Magnum

    sparrowdown, not hard to follow at all. I get your point, and I think you might be right. I believe it is priming.

    Tenacioius, are you thnking they're preparing to drop the 1914 date?

    The silent message was printed in the revised NWT Bible.

    Please explain.

  • sparrowdown

    Tenacious- I was thinking more along the lines of future adjusments like, claiming current WT woes are discipline on the congregations from Jehovah, and blaming the brothers for "tolerating apostates."

    I don't know exactly, I'm just spitballing I spose, and the idea in my head hasn't fully formed yet, but something sounded odd about the whole thing.

  • sparrowdown
    Dropping 1914? Possible, entirely possible. But Lett did reiterate 607 in that talk.

    If I was the WTBTS, I would change the meaning of 1914. Don't drop it yet, wait another 20-30 years.

    Here is a possible adjustment:

    In ancient times, the King designate ( Jesus ) was often a participant in a lengthy coronation process/celebration. These things could go on for quite some time. It was big party, and everyone, even the lowly rabble had fun and got some swag!

    Evidently.... Jesus' spiritual/invisible coronation ceremony began in 1914, but he isn't ruling yet. True, he cast Satan from heaven, but he did that as the great Prince, Michael. That's why the WTBTS would sometimes refer to Jehovah as ruling, but then refer to Jesus as ruling. Now we know better! Jeehoober has revealed nu-light!

    When will the coronation ceremony end, we won't know until the GT starts. Once the GT starts, we will understand as we look back on Bible prophecy was fulfilled. How long until the GT begins and marks the end of the invisible coronation ceremony? We can't say! Those parties went on for days and one day is a thousand years for Jayhoobar!

    In the meantime, enjoy the spiritual swag from the party! Oh, yeah, the end is soon! Make sure to donate!!!! $$$$!!!!!!

    DD 🎉

  • poopie
    They setting up to change shunning.shunning comes from babylon the great. How do we know? They based shunning on lienskes interpretation of greeting late 1800 early 1900 so now they can say we borrowed that from someone in babylon the great in fact now they can remove any quote prior to 1919 now.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    There was and there is another WT study about enforcing shunning I thought. Seems they are ratcheting down control of late. I'm thinking some doctrinal change is on the horizon. Lett did seem to be talking about 607B.C. a bit.

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