AGM 2015: "New Light"

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    Londo this was the new light regarding 'the mark'. Basically, the man with the secretary's inkhorn is no longer the anointed but Jesus.

    Previous teaching - Quote from Survival into the new earth .....(Ezekiel 9:1-11) What was the key to survival? It was the mark placed on one’s forehead by the man with the secretary’s inkhorn........They must be marked by the ‘man with the secretary’s inkhorn.’ The facts show that “the faithful and discreet slave” class is doing that marking work today.—Matthew 24:45-47.......... Not only persons who have come out of Christendom but all, regardless of background, who hope to survive into the “new earth” as associates of the anointed class must have this mark.
    The full text is above.

    Now here's a problem, the man with the secretary's inkhorn was the FDS but the FDS these days only comprise the Governing Body members. When they wrote this they said the FDS was all anointed.

    It would be beyond comprehension that the only ones with the inkhorn were the Governing Body so they've had to make up a new interpretation.

    We now have 'new light'.

    They announced this new idea at the 2015 WTBTS annual meeting. The man (who is apparently no longer a man) with the inkhorn is now Jesus.

    I was wondering why they no longer wished this man with the inkhorn to be either the anointed or the FDS. It served their purpose in confirming that a person needed to be associated with the earthly organization in order to have any hope of 'surviving into the new earth'.

    This change is simply another demotion of the anointed, their importance is being further eroded.
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    Regarding the new light about the Babylonian exile being from sometime in the 2nd Century to 1919 they are going to have to rethink some of their other teachings, I would think.

    One example being that Jesus was supposed to have inspected and cleansed the temple between 1914 to 1918/1919. Yet 'his people' are now no longer in the temple during that period because they were in exile.

  • karter

    I think they are setting up to do away with 1914 as it doesn't suit them anymore due to "That generation" has mostly passed away.

    Not many are swallowing the "generation overlap" so to do away with 1914 all together gets rid of the problem.

    It could be as easily done away with as 1975 and any other prediction they have made,they would say "Trust the slave" stop running ahead of Gods true organization and anyone that did question it would be dealt with accordingly.


  • Londo111
    Thanks, Listener.
  • Phizzy

    If they do away with 1914, which must be a huge problem, the more so as time goes on, surely they have nothing to hang 1919 on, therefore no choosing of a FDS took place at that time ?

    Therefore, where do today's GB get their authority from ?

  • Londo111

    That is a big problem. It's like pulling out the table cloth underneath a table full of dishes and not disturbing anything.

    Of course, it's made up out of thin air as it is...and many JWs would be hard pressed to explain it in any way. One hard to grasp teaching out of thin air might just do as another hard to grasp slight of hand trick.

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