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  • dropoffyourkeylee
    Lol, I would almost go just to see that
  • Simon

    I think the connection needs to have a more innocuous sounding name if the intent is to get as many to read the information.

    If it's to cause a disturbance and have people running about them a more obvious "apostate" sounding name is better.

    Obviously if certain people read it in option #1 then #2 happens anyway. I'd expect the really zealous to be putting on more of a show of paying rapt attention though.

  • konceptual99

    I would like to think that the objective #1 is higher on the list. I'm personally not interested in having people running around, more on just creating something that catches attention and makes people think about going online later. I would have liked to have used jwfacts.com_thetruthaboutthetruth as it's a bit more serious sounding, but it does not fit. Perhaps the OP suggestion of just is better. Perhaps it does not really make any real difference...

    As someone currently trapped in, this was a little bit of activism, a little nod towards some kind of rage against the machine. Maybe it's childish. Maybe it's pissing in the wind. What I do know is that buzz I got when I saw an obvious reaction was real. If there was one other person there who gains a bit of confidence knowing there is at least one other person around who is not mentally shackled, and perhaps takes the next step toward finding out more of TTATT then I would be over the moon.

  • cognac

    Has anyone done this yet?

    Now I want to go just so I can do this, lol.

  • konceptual99
    Check back a page cognac. I did it over the weekend.
  • tragical
    Has anyone had a chance to try this? I think I will do it at our CA in 2 weeks.
  • konceptual99

    erm...... tragical...

    read the my last post on the previous page...

    then read cognac's question two posts above your post...

    then read the post above your post....

  • TheListener

    That's great konceptual. If this gets to be more common there will be announcements and that will be unsettling to the rank and file. What they consider wolves in their midst.

    I am not surprised people were using it. No doubt some oblivious (or cheap) witnesses and some apostates.

  • konceptual99

    One thing I might do differently next time is use a separate phone with no data allowance. This means you could leave the AP open with no worries that others are using your data allowance. It also allows you to use your own phone and hotspot without fear of anyone occidentally realising you are connected to or hosting the "apostate" AP.

  • wifibandit

    Recent post over on jwtalk:

    "Just a warning!!!
    We haven't had any apostates picket outside of our assembly hall for years now (Natick, MA). However, a number of the surrounding congregations have been/are having their Circuit Assemblies the past few and coming weeks. It seems that on a number of recent weekends, the friends tablets and phones have picked up wi-fi hotspot signals which use names composed of the URL of various apostate websites, or offer open wi-fi signals with innocuous names, but that route the user to an apostate website once they join the wi-fi network.
    The Natick Assembly hall has notoriously bad cell phone reception, so many of the friends will often look for an open wi-fi signal to check something on, download the WT, etc.
    It's like the sign-carrying protesters of old have figured out a way to carry their signs inside the session, and as of now, we can't stop them or the poisonous message they carry. :angry:
    Very scary."

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