Americans, be happy with Trump, Europe lost it.

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  • humbled

    The video is disturbing.

    That mob running through Europe is crazy. At 13 and 16 minutes they interview teo sane refugees. One says “some are lazy . Just want money.” The young Syrian woman said”Not all should come in. Only ones leaving war.”

    The people crushing through—mostly young men. how can such an influx work when their expectations are so high and some feel entitled to a life as high as a working person who has had to struggle to achieve their substance?

    We are too many people now. We need to slow this project down.

  • LV101

    humbled -- assistance should be made available to people who need it and that's what it should be used for. Anyone can become ill, have physical/mental problems or lose their job -- anything can happen and it does. No one should pass judgments and I honestly think most people don't -- I don't think the people of this country that legitimately need the help get the right assistance but I won't go there! I realize there are misfits that play and abuse the system.

  • fulano

    I was shocked when I saw this british report about islamic indoctrination and their methods.

  • Nevuela

    LV101 If you think tRump is so great, then there couldn't have ever been a president who didn't meet your lofty standards. He is literally the worst of the worst in every way possible. That's just a fact, man. Not my personal opinion. I have never cared one way or another about any president until now. He hasn't done one single thing right.

    Not. One. Single. Thing.

  • Nevuela

    humbled Don't you DARE drag foster children into this! I lived in a series of foster homes from 13 to 18. I know EXACTLY what the system is like! I was taken away from my mother based on lies that CPS did not bother to investigate. At one point, I didn't get to see my mom once for NINE WHOLE MONTHS. To this day, over 20 years later, I still have literal nightmares about those five god-awful years I spent in cold, unloving, abusive foster homes.

    If you don't have personal experience with something, I suggest you keep your opinions on the matter to yourself. You can't possibly know what it's like unless you've been there, and despite what I went through, MY sympathy goes to the immigrant children being torn from their families. I can only imagine how much worse it is for them than it was for me.

  • pale.emperor

    I agree immigration needs to be highly controlled, but Trump is the extreme other end of the scale. I honestly couldn't think of a less competent individual to be doing the job he's assigned to.

    I actually worked as a citizenship caseworker for 12 years and an immigration officer for 5 years so i know first hand what goes on. When it comes to seeking asylum, a person is supposed to claim asylum in the first safe country they arrive in. So if you're fleeing the Taliban, you should be safe in Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan. When an Afghan, for example, claims asylum in the UK, that means they passed through eight or nine safe countries to get here (Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany and The Netherlands). As an immigration officer, i'd ask myself "if i were fleeing danger in Afghanistan, why would i pass through all of those countries to come here? Counties that have a similar culture, language and climate?" The obvious reason is always free healthcare and benefits. Sad to say, but i saw it literally everyday for 17 years in my job. When i granted someone British Citizenship, for example, and i told them over the phone you'd almost always get the same question asked immediately after... "so when can i get a passport?". No sounds of gratitude, elation or joy... simply a passport. Because a passport = easy travel to and from the country you "fled" from and also means to family back home will now have a claim under human rights to come and settle in the UK because it'd be cruel to break up a family.

    Other times you'd get African families with like 12 kids. They'd go through the whole process, get citizenship, then the "mother" would suddenly tell you that some of the kids arnt hers. In the UK we dont take citizenship off people. So these kids are now British Citizens, which means their real mother/father can now come over and get a visa because they have ties in the UK (their kids). Doesn't matter if their parents have a criminal record or disease.

    My personal opinion (and feel free to pick it apart) as to how to deal with immigration is:

    • Each country in Europe should take an equal percentage of asylum seekers.
    • As soon as whatever regime they've fled is overthrown, return them to their country.
    • Immigrants who apply legally should be prioritized by their educational qualifications (doctors, engineers, tradesmen/women)
    • Commit a crime while you're here and you're out.
  • waton

    All Europe needs now is a picture of migrants from Africa that had been on the Wandering Water taxies in the Mediterranean and unloaded in Malta, promptly arriving after a direct flight in Berlin Tegel, taking selfies with Merkel.-- widely seen in in the home countries.

    New term for illegal aliens: "arrivals "--sickening propaganda.

    Les "arrive' used to be a title for those that contributed extraordinarily to the fabric of the community, now they are the rivals for the shrinking public purse, resources.

  • Jehalapeno
    I agree immigration needs to be highly controlled, but Trump is the extreme other end of the scale.

    Are you saying Trump is too lenient with immigration? Because that would be the other end of the scale from highly controlled.

  • silentbuddha

    This story deserves it own thread but shows why mass immigration is going to be the death of this country.

    So now the American public will have 60 more years to house these people who killed a young boy. What I want to know is how many of these young men were probably fleeing a country similar to El Salvador? They get here and look what happens...


    6 Waive Extradition in Machete Killing of 15-Year-Old NYC Boy; Attorney Says Suspects, Families Receive Death Threats

    The teenager, known as Junior, was stabbed in the neck with a machete in front of a Bronx bodega last week"

  • Butterfly607

    I’m a social worker in one of the poorest cities in the US. I can assure you that illegal immigrants here aren’t living the high life that you assume. If you consider that they get no access to healthcare insurance, IF (it’s a big IF) they get food stamps it won’t be enough to feed a family, they live in some of the most dangerous and decrepit areas, can’t get a decent job and wallow in poverty. It’s a sad life and not something others need to be afraid of. Plus, do your research- military spending and Medicare (insurance for ALL US citizens over 65) is what is bankrupting the country. Medicaid (for the poor) and food stamps are very small programs in comparison. But, historically, when everyone is feeling the financial pinch, people like to demonize the poor and people who look and live differently. Got to have a bad guy. But in the US, the bad guy eating up all the financial cake is the government through the military. Check the stats...

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