Americans, be happy with Trump, Europe lost it.

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  • humbled

    however who shows compassion to the USA?.... Many say we need to show compassion, however who shows compassion to the USA? —krismalone

    That is a standalone question, Kris.

    Many people say “charity begins at home“. But what happens when that charity doesn’t begin at home? When there isn’t a good heart for our own!

    You can see how the first thing the authorities said to justify the separation of the children from Central America—They compared it to children who are taken from US moms and dads locked up in U.S.prisons!

    This country is not well known for policies that encourage U.S. prisoners contact with their children.— snd that is wrong.. wrong unless there was abuse.

    While each state has their own prison system the stories do not vary by much: price gouging on phone service (as witnessed when immigrants wanted to try contacting children by phone. The phone cards were $25 and it cost $8 a minute. Though it was somewhat better in Arkansas a few years ago, it was a hardship to families). Prisoners in some states receive no pay for prison labor (zero compensation in Arkansas which gave rise to the Arkansas Tainted blood scandal in the1980s) The vast distances for families to travel to renew contact make it hard to incentivize prisoners and family to stay together. The families loose s bread winner ( contrary to myth most incarcerated citizens were employed when they were arrested) and now suffer extra expenses if they would stay in touch. Some prisoners in for long term simply tell family to cut them off —it costs them too much to stay connected.

    The foster care systems are clogged with broken families. One in 11 children have an incarcerated parent in this state.

    People who need help may have “issues” that make some well wishers feel uncertain about extending help. As l said before , shitty situations can make a shitty parent —or make them seem so. Children removed from such parents may be heartbroken because they know their mom or dad are actually doing the very best that they can to care for them.There are some who work in child welfare that recognize it is better by far to do an intervention, help the families, instead of taking away their children.

    But people in the US don’t often feel compassion on these families. They hear that families have an ex-con in them or children who have been in trouble, moms who struggle with addiction and many people are resentful “ No one ever helped me! Why should they get help for making bad decisions! Let them work for it like me!”

    lt really is not the undocumented are getting all the love, taking the funds. The truth is there is no real sympathy for struggling folks in America when they can’t look like an Oliver Twist or a Jane Eyre.

    And absolutely look at the link to the article supplied by whynot .

  • LV101

    silent -- I'd heard ebt cards can be used for items other than food -- like cigarettes and alcohol but can that be true? If so, (which I doubt) no wonder these children/families are starving (our own and illegals).

    My friend's niece had a baby -- her mate (unmarried as far as I know) looks for one day job a month (like mowing someone's lawn) and neither work - live in a brand new home (they received it during the Detroit-like depression here 9 yrs. ago and gov't must have been filling up new, production-type, empty, homes), have WIC and receive food. What a deal. She quit her job but didn't want to return after baby was born (understandable) and he's just plain lazy. Her own mother called my friend (the girl's aunt) and told her to stop taking diapers and formula and anything by their home because they were receiving every single thing for free. I can't figure out how some manuever this con-game when little kids going to school living out of cars - crying and hungry and not wanting to leave school. WTH is going on out there! There must have been an injury/health issues at play but why was her own mother cutting them off! I was told they're both too lazy and milking the system. Then others go without!

  • Not_Culty

    Immigration = Invasion

    Just visit


  • silentbuddha

    LVL101 ebt cards can be used like a typical debit card. Back in the day food stamps were paper slips. The new EBT cards can be used just like a normal debit card for anything as long as the person at the register rings it up.

    WIC was originally a go ok d program... until fraud crept in.

    It's just ridiculous watching people take advantage

  • humbled

    Using EBT cards to buy dog food, paper products, alcohol or tobacco is fraud. It is illegal.

    The way they buy tobacco here is to haves friend buy smokes and the person with the stamps buys them grocery items often worth more than the cigarettes cost.

    If caught the person can lose food assistance for a year.

    Also I think they have to repay money if it is found that they gave a false count of the household or do not report earnings from a household member.

  • hybridous
    'It's just ridiculous watching people take advantage'

    Agree. And it's ridiculous to expect anything different. People respond to incentives.
  • hoser

    I can’t believe how people in such sore straits can feel so entitled and thankless

  • LongHairGal


    Very true. Europe screwed themselves and I hope Americans wake up! I’m glad I did my traveling in Europe years ago because I’d never go there now.


    You are not the only person who thinks that. I don’t think Trump is perfect but I totally agree with his views on illegal immigration. It’s suicide to have no borders. Anybody who believes otherwise is a fool. If they are young they are not going to have much of a future! They have been conned by all this liberal bullshit and I’m so sorry for them.

  • silentbuddha

    The sad part is no one has a reason to tell about illegal usage... I highly doubt there is any real way to ensure that these programs are used legitimately

  • humbled

    They do catch people who lie about income and who is living there. They have to have a person sign as a witness outside the family

    There are people who get reported. But the concern about what happens to the children probably limits this.

    My family had an income so low that even for us do able to butcher a goat or raise food—we had to get food stamps. Just for a little while.

    we returned from living out of state and before a late garden planting could do us a bit of good my husband and l cut and sold pallet lumber. What cash we got had to go for non food items. So with a measure of defeat we sign for them.

    If you buy basic and scratch cook you can eat well . We would never have abused the system.

    No false pride should keep you from feeding your children. But pride should make you work as hard as you can.

    Assistance is a good thing when you need it. It is humiliating especially if you are familiar with the judgements passed by some. I learned there and other places what it is to be


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