'Serving where the need is greater' - who does it benefit?

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  • eyeslice2

    We have recently been in Asia on vacation, travelling to a number of countries in this part of the world. Whilst in Thailand, my wife, totally PIMO, wanted to go to the English speaking convention in Bangkok. Although I haven't been active for a very long time, I went along with her.

    The first thing that slightly surprised me was the attendance, well over 900. I hadn't expected that many but they were from all over the country, which is a pretty big place. The majority of people 'serving here, where the need is greater' are white (though a few Afro-Americans), from all over the world; many from the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Europe. Now these are not allowed to witness to Thai nationals, so the only people they can target are foreign workers from Myanmar, Indonesia, etc., and many other expats living or vacationing here in Thailand.

    With 900 plus witness in the 'need greater field', many of them pioneers, there were just 2 baptized.

    It strikes me that many, if not most, of these here are really in it for themselves. The preaching work in developed countries is just about dead, moving to less developed countries here in Asia or South America is attractive to many wanting the kudos that comes with 'serving where the need if greater'. Also, many of them home school their kids, and so lead a slightly strange, isolated life.

    There was an interview with a couple who had been asked to leave (kicked out) of Bethel in the USA. I think they had been there 25 years or so. The guy said, "here I was, 40 plus years old with no college degree or marketable skills". (May not be 100% right on ages.) So, we decided to move to Thailand. Not the greatest of decisions I would suspect in a few years time should they need continuous medical care, no money, no pension. But these people are held up to the audience as role models to follow.

    I have no objection to people moving to live in exotic countries, but I suspect there is a degree of dishonesty as to the real reason why many are here.

  • fulano

    You are absolutely right. I served in a Caribbean country and have seen the same. Hundreds of need-greaters. Nobody where there was need, like in our filthy, hot, humid and noisy town. No, the beach villages of course. Plenty of fun, surfing and always windy and less hot and nice possibilities of scuba diving.

  • Phoebe

    Over the years we've had loads of people move to where I live because it's a lovely place where holidaymakers come. We don't need them as the population is very small but still they come and we call it 'serve where the place is nice'

  • stillin

    The area where I live was "on the list" of places where groups could come and work our remote areas. They had a chance to show off their big-city ways while looking down on us country people. They put 10 back-issues into ziplock bags and left them at not-at-homes so that they could report that they had placed hundreds of magazines. If somebody was home they would have a conversation with them and report that a study had been started, insinuating that the local Witnesses weren't trying hard enough. After cruising around on back roads for a week, they could report that they had covered 8 HUGE territories which had not been covered for a year or two.

    Of course, there were never any actual results in the final analysis.

    Do I think that they did it so that they could brag on themselves? Hell, yeah.

  • hoser

    I’ve always had issues with these people.

    There have been 7 rural congregations closed due to staffing shortages in my butt fuck nowhere region of northern Canada. Did I also mention it’s colder than a witches tit here?

    About 2 years before our hall closed its doors for good 3 of our pioneer/elder ministerial servants left to serve where the need was warmer. We had one elder and then after renovation of the Kingdom Hall the congregation was closed.

    Then when these need greater come home for a vacation they are paraded on the stage at the circuit assembly about what good work they are doing.

  • dozy

    I used to live in a attractive but very rural part of Ireland and it was pretty much the same there. JWs would come on holiday in the summer and think it was wonderful and then move in permanently , often without much though for jobs , housing , schooling etc. The local JWs would try to help them out , but often the incomers would "make the need greater" rather than what they were claiming to do as they often came with a lot of issues and a strong sense of ego based entitlement , especially if they thought that "Jehovah was directing them." .

    The honeymoon period tended to end quite quickly and usually "Jehovah would direct them" back to their original home area within 2 or 3 years - sometimes a lot sooner.

    And yes - it was "all about them" and a kind of lifestyle fantasy - living in the country , having chickens and a couple of dogs etc. If they really wanted to effectively serve where the need is greater , they would do so in the inner cities of their own country , where there genuinely was a need and where some territories hadn't been worked for years.

  • WingCommander

    Thailand is funny. If you have non-Thai kids in school, they are bullied mercilessly for not being Thai. So, many parents pull them from school to homeschool. Who can blame them? Problem is, if they are JW's, then they are ignorant themselves so who are they to school anyone? DERP!!!

    I saw (1) Kingdumb Hell when I was in Thailand, and at a very unique place as well. It was along the infamous floating markets. Right up on stilts with everything else. It's the only KH I saw while in Asia. (Hong Kong, China, Thailand)

    So the Bethel rejects moved to Thailand? 40-yr old virgin guy? Yep! He went where he knew his penis would get some attention, which is Thailand!!

  • no-zombie

    I know that its a little off topic but I noticed that here in Australia, quite a few kids going on religo-holidays.

    This is were they make all this noise that they are going to serve where the need is great but is in fact its more like an adventure holiday and stay until their money runs out, which is normally 2 or 3 months. South America seem popular, as does Hong Kong. And when they come back, they get their 15 minutes of fame, recalling their hardships and experiences in the field.

  • sparky1

    SERVING WHERE THE GREAT ARE NEEDED could also be the title of this thread.

  • Alligator Wisdom
    Alligator Wisdom

    Plenty from Japan have headed off to Thailand, Taiwan, Cambodia... to serve in such areas because the territory in Japan is extremely apathetic. It also gives these 'pioneer/publishers' a break from the robotic clone-like conformity standards that the Japanese JWs are known for.

    Alligator Wisdom

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