What if moving the world headquarters of the Watchtower is just a cover-up?

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  • WireRider

    What better way to scam a few hundred million off the top? With all the conversations, and truly distractions, of shortfalls and money problems - sell off about 1.2 BILLION of highly valued, tax exempt, property in Brooklyn NY and build an ehhh 500 million property upstate. What happened to the missing 700 million? Why aren't using it for a surge in world wide upgrades? If they had such a windfall from the Brooklyn propery why did they also pare it with raiding all they savings of everyone - at the same time? Where is all they money going? Is all this crap. and "leaked" information, just a distraction? They can't even say it with a straight face.

    They have tons of slaves working in a toxic waste dump to build their property for free this time. That would be just wrong to kill slaves. What if the "toxic" problem is a hoax? They claim to be spending millions to have to clean it up. Nice scam. Leak a few letters. Filing in court doesn't cost much especially if you just want the publicity and never intend to go through with it. Millions more in the pocket.

    Maybe in a few years pull the same scam and move the headquarters again to anywhere. Scam more money off the top.

  • Calebs Airplane
  • WireRider

    Interesting take. Rothschild's would evoke the Freemasons. Perhaps the GB is not taking the money for themselves. Russell had ties to the masons. The Watchtower money scam could be a just a money making scam to scrape off billions from naive people.

    I don't believe in it. But a lot of stupid people do and try to pull it off.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS has always been involved in disingenuous tactics to allure attention to its publication and the continuing proliferation of their publications. Its financial acumen is also been in question as well. ???

    Being that the WTS leaders live off this organization it be a guess that there are going to be continuing attempts and personal endeavors to keep it going.

    Then men at the top are going to die off to be replaced by other elderly men who most likely do not have a saved up retirement fund, so they will need the WTS to live off themselves.

    The WTS might change or reform itself but its going to continue on for long time, that you be confident about.

  • OnTheWayOut

    They are obviously skimming off the top for their well-connected suppliers- builders, accountants, lawyers, realtors, etc. They are obviously building nicer headquarters than they need. I mean, they could have sold all the Brooklyn properties and moved to existing New York state properties. If they are going to become a web religion, they could run it from one building.

    I don't believe there is a false money problem, though. I think it's deeper than they let on. We do not get to hear about the pedo-lawsuits where a gag order was in place. We know that voluntary donations from non-Witnesses for the literature has always been tough to even ask for, let alone collect. We know that the expectation upon the members paying for the literature has been met poorly all along. We know that assemblies/conventions have been their cash-cows but we don't know if they have not kept up with the organization's money woes in other areas.

    The thing with members is that they always feel that they give their time, so they only give so much money. I mean- straight up, if the Mormons encourage education and a male member earns $70,000 (USA) a year for his family, he gives his total yearly tithe of $7,000 and probably gives time also. Can you imagine a Witness anywhere giving that amount of money? If they drop $100 a month in the congregation box, $100 in the box at the Assembly Hall (both waaay high from what I have seen in years past) then they contribute only $1,500 a year.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Let me add:

    I remember one congregation easily voting "Yes" to $10,000 in improvements to the property which did not need to be done- cracks in the parking lot pavement made it "difficult" to remove snow, and a whole new parking lot was laid. Wrought-iron fences replaced when they could be repaired.

    This was easy for the elders to support because "It's not OUR money." One other elder (besides me) who was against these expenditures asked if the others would shell out that much money on their own home if they thought they could do things a cheaper way. But the answer was "Well, it's NOT my own home."

    There is a prevailing attitude among the elders that certainly must be the same at the Headquarters level- "Spend the money, it's not ours. We'll get more." Hell, they probably really do expect that Jehovah will bless their expenditures.

  • WireRider

    cough cough choke choke. You just give them your hard earned money? Why?

    Why? Are they building homes for the homeless? Are they feeding the poor around the world? They won't even pay taxes for their own fire/police/cityservices/general in their communities. They stole all the savings of KHs.

    Why do you give them money?

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    It seems that the WT's survival depends on what the sheeple believe....

    If they can get the sheeple to believe that they have spent all the money, need more money, are 'growing', using funds to the 'max', while all the while saving their donations...

    THEN, when they have to pay out funds for court costs, the sheeple will have no clue, and just think, "oh well, the Society has used our funds for the kingdom preaching"...

    Could this be what they are doing? Getting the publishers to "just believe" they are out of money? so if they are out of money (because of huge payoffs) the pubs won't know the real reason?

    cha ching!

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think in a couple of years we'll all be looking back at these posts about their financial trouble when they file for legal bankruptcy protection from additional child abuse lawsuits. I'm still convinced they are plotting to be insolvent for legal reasons.

    They will cite all the cutbacks, property sell-offs, begging for contributions and simply say they are "broke".

    Find a lawyer that will sue something/someone who is broke.


  • Crazyguy
    Its true they collect very little money from the rank and file and the assemblies was thier cash cow. They also maybe moving money around to look broke. But the new tithing program shows me that their more concerned about getting money then acting broke. The way they are acting tells me they truly having been spending money faster then their making it.

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